50k+ open items

In the past day we reached over 50,000 open items for the first time ever. And just last week we exceeded 200,000 enabled users on bidorbuy.co.za. Another record today was we exceeded 1,300 Crazy Wednesday listings for the first time. Woo hoo!

Thanks to all of you who have helped us reach this milestone.


  1. Although there are more than 50000 listings on Bidorbuy (49505 at this moment) there are far less items on sale. This is the result of sellers listing the same item multiple times, or abusing the system to flood a category in order to dominate other sellers of the same or related items. A good example of this are listings for e-books, where the same e-book can be found listed many times, opening for a few hours, closing and then relisting.
    My guess is that there are no more than 10000 actual items on sale.