bidorbuy Blog – Good idea?

What is the general feeling from the community. Is this a good idea or not?

While we believe it is important to communicate with our community as much as possible and we of course also believe in providing good customer service to our users, we would like users to be able to post comments on blog posts but are a bit concerned that it could turn into a bit of a stage for users to gripe about issues they may have with the site (there are of course other channels for them to do this).

Do you think this is a valid concern?


  1. How about a link on the blog to get back to the main bidorbuy page. After reading the blog I now have to type the whole address again. Many people use personal bookmarks to access bidorbuy site.

  2. Yes – thanks for the suggestion. We will do that.

  3. Desre Anderson says:

    Yes, this blog is a great idea!!! Puts everyone into perspective as to what Bid or Buy is all about also it’s great to have news about bob re coins, very interesting.
    thanks for this blog.

  4. The blog’s GREAT to keep people informed of new trends and demands and services. Also to provide people with an easy access to suggest changes….. and I have one… Could you add an “inside South Africa” too as opposed to various areas? I find I’m less likely to deal with a seller “outside South Africa” because of payment/ shipping costs. etc. Many thanks for excellent service.