Sellers deleting bids

As you may know sellers have the ability to delete bids on their auctions. The reason for allowing this is generally buyers have a choice of which sellers they want to deal with (they can look at their ratings, trading history, location etc.) before deciding whether they want to bid or not). Sellers however do not have this luxury and any bidder can come along and bid on their items. Also, sometimes bidders can make mistakes and request a seller, at their discretion, to delete their bid as happens from time to time.

A buyer recently complained about a seller abusing their ability to delete bids on their auctions. Their claim was that the seller deleted all the bids on their item and then re-listed it because they did not get enough for the item. If this were the case then I would say this is clearly abuse of the functionality. Assuming this clearly was the case, the least bidorbuy should do is give the seller a warning and if they did it again blacklist them from selling further on the site.

Or should we simply not allow sellers to delete bids? Any one can add comments to the post.


  1. I say remove the delete bid function!.
    If the seller has a problem with the bidder he can contact BOB and if they feel the buyer will not follow thru with the deal,
    Ex by having a 50% rating they can delete that specific bid.

  2. Brett Ward says:

    Sellers should be allowed to delete bids, but only for legitimate reasons, and if reported, it should be INVESTIGATED, which is not the norm… If the seller is found to have given illegitimate reasons, they should be warned.

    Sometimes a seller might have a legitimate reason for deleting a bid.

  3. lIAM gRANGER says:

    I agree with Brett, the seller’s reason should be investigated prior to the sale being disallowed. If it is not legit, the seller should be banned or at the least cautioned and the buyer should have an opportunity to warn the community against the seller – my 5c worth

  4. Strange that I should stumble upon the blog site for the first time to read this bid. I have actually been in the situation whereby the seller had a bid increment on of R200 and I had a few pages open next minute I got an email saying I had bid R270 for an item that’s previous bid was only R10. It was a big mistake and I had asked the seller to delete the bid before the item closed… That said I understand how these mistakes happen, and I don’t think the functionality should be removed totally but if there are problems like the person removing and relisting then investigate those specifically, don’t remove it!

  5. This option should be available for mistakes that happen, and also where a seller would not wish to deal with a specific buyer, but that said if someone is reported for misusing this option, then I’m sure that BOB can investigate and take appropriate steps against such a seller as soon as they receive a complaint

  6. Asecon cc says:

    I would prefer for these individuals to be dealt with instead of punishing everybody. Having everybody punished is like being back at school!

  7. Hi I think it is good that buyers and sellers have the security of being able to delete auctions/bids that are placed in error.Sellers should be given a certain amount of time to verify their auctions and once this time has passed they should not be able to cancel or delete an auction.The same should apply to a buyer.Also the buyer or sellers could have a limit of bids or auctions placed in error, eg : the seller should only be able to cancel one auction per month. etc. Recently I have experienced a few auctions which I have bidded on being cancelled due to ” Reason: Seller wants to relist the item as there is an error in the current auction description ” in such cases I feel that once the seller has relisted he should be able to inform those who were bidding on his items that they have been relisted correctly. Thanks

  8. I fully support all the comments so far. A seller must be able to delete bids but only for valid reasons. If the bidder request it and there is mutual agreement then the seller must be able to delete it. To delete a bid just because you want to relist as the price is to low -come on “some you win and some you lose” it is fun to stress a bit if you start something low and hope that it will go – and there is no movement, and the joy when it goes higher than expected WOW!!!

  9. Delete with reason. Investigate if queried by the bidder.

    I have only recently started using the auction feature and have already had 2 non payers. I made the mistake of closing on their bids without checking their profiles. Both bidders had a history of non-payment. I now make a habit out of checking up on my bidders and deleting those with bad histories.

    My opinion. The seller must give a reason for the delete but it only needs to be investigated if queried by the bidder.

  10. Seller pays for listing and undoubtably must have 100% ability to decide on the fate of own auction within stated rules and regulation. BOB MUST NOT interfere or remove this cancel ability! It cost me megatively today! As stated by yourselves you only provide platform and do not adjudicate. What if a honest mistake is made and time limitation prevents error been corrected due to the no-name help desk dum dum not responding in time or simply misunderstanding whatever ! The seller must retain ALL rights and abilities on HIS auction BOB simply provide platform. Example! After I placed bid on a item to be auctioned I subsequently find the exact item listed at a cheaper rate on a “BUY NOW” option from same seller. (I have reservations on this practice but latewr for that)I asked seller to remove bid and replace it with a buy now along with another query for the cost of postage not included on the page. Now because a third party,BOB had to be contacted with this simple & logical request it so happened that the time it took for 3way comm & BOB deleting the bid, for some reason the follow up question was also removed or not read in time ! BUT.. bottom line is that I did not receive reply in time and the “buy now” option closed in my order process. Thru this inefficiency and incorrect procedure I was compromised AND I have to see a what can be interpreted as a NEGATIVE feature in that this deleted bid id recorded on my rating as well as having to wait another 7days for what I should have 2 moro! I realise BOB has a ego but why not just follow the TRIED AND TESTED ebay model? Thats Simple logic MILLIONS have given it the thorough acid test where BOB can learn from the “free survey provided!” Decision making must be exclusively in hands of players . BOB is nothing else but the provider of the “soccer field” as such. If a dispute arises on any issuie then independant arbitrator or legal aid should be sought. Would BOB get involved? _never so why now? its against your stated princiople! Oh yes Mr BOB please removed the reference of the deleted bid on my rating. It suggests an incorrect conclusion !

  11. Caz, this functionality has not been removed. We were just asking the question. Please let us know if there is a problem.

  12. Brett Ward says:

    If a seller has the right to delete bids as he chooses for no apparent reason…then the bidder should have the same rights.

  13. this function should not be taken away. we currently have coins on auction where a guy with negative as well as positive ratings bid on our coins. we didn’t delete his bid, but sometimes it is necessary to delete the bids if you see that a person has a lot of negative ratings and that he/she will only be waisting your time if they bid on your items and don’t intend to buy it. if a person bid on your item by mistake, they should also be allowed to ask the seller to delete their bid with a note as to why the bid was deleted, so that everyone can see that the seller is not on a mission just to delete bids.

  14. The ability for the seller to delete bids is very required in my opinion.

    The buyer has all the power when it comes to placing a bid. They have all the information of the auction in front of them, they can investigate similar auctions and products before placing a bid and they can look at the seller’s ratings before placing a bid as well.

    The seller has no such luxury and can only review the buyer’s ratings once they place a bid.

    The seller “bid deletion” functionality is the only tool that the seller has in his arsenal to “approve or deny” bids from buyers as it were (If there was a mechanism to approve/deny bids on an item, it would be a different story, but that would be way too time consuming and largely unnecessary).

    What if a buyer has a history of non-payment?
    What if the item must be collected in JHB, but the buyer is list as being in Cape Town?

    I have had numerous problems lately with buyers who have not read the auction description properly, for which I have had to file SNCs and for which I have lost money.

    I would prefer to eliminate this hassle by not accepting bids from users with bad history, or users who cannot fulfil the terms of the auction, even at the expense of a lower winning bid amount.

    I think that this functionality should be expanded further to allow the sellers to maintain a personal blacklist of users who they no longer wish to deal with and who will not be allowed to bid on any of their auctions.

    On the flip side, I have never experienced it, but understand that some sellers are unscrupulous and simply delete all the bids and relist their auction to get a better price.

    This seems to be the primary complaint about this functionality, but rather than remove the functionality, I would argue that the system should be enhanced to detect this specific case of abuse and the matter investigated and the necessary action taken.

    I believe that such detection can largely be automated as well.

  15. HASSAN ABBAS says:


  16. I feel that sellers should have the option of preventing (Blocking)
    bidder with no ratings from bidding. I had several times had to rake out listing fees for crazy wednesday autions when bidders with 0 or low ratings bid on my auctions.
    I will therefore not list on Crazy wednesday auctions again.
    We desperately need a system where we as sellers can filter our buyers.

  17. I have to agree fully with jonathan on this matter.

  18. I dont think we should block (or filter) the bidders. I think everything should just stay as it is. Sure things aren’t heaven at the moment for bidders and sellers, but when is anything perfect?!?!?!

    I completely agree that BOB is strictly a platform for trade, and I dont think BOB should interfere with business between buyers and sellers. They should be there incase we ASK them to investigate or sort something out. Otherwise, I would rather personally do by buying and selling somewhere else. But on the otherhand, what does my opinion count anyway.