Site will be down this Friday night / Saturday morning

The site is going to be down for planned maintenance from midnight on Friday 3rd August 2007 until the early hours of Saturday morning while we do a major upgrade to the database.

As I am sure many of you would have noticed we have had a few technical glitches recently. The most notable being over the past weekend when major functionality of the site was unavailable for all of Saturday and part of Sunday morning. For this we sincerely apologise. With out getting into the technical details this is effectively as a result of the major growth we are experiencing. To give you an idea this time last year we had about 15,000 items open at any one time and now we have close to 50,000.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. This upgrade is however necessary to ensure we can continue to scale as volumes on the site increase.


  1. Flip Snyman says:

    Since BOB is growing at this rate, maybe you should think also about a 24/7 customer support…

  2. I agree with Flip. Is it not possible to have online Live support?