LOL at load shedding

There is something quite aggravating with having to squeeze 8 hours of work into 4 and a half hours due to Eskom and their special holiday load shedding and whats worse… it has been predicted to continue throughout the remainder of the week, oh what a joyful time for all….NOT!

While most would scream to the heavens in thanks for giving them a reason to get out of work, the reality it’s actually rather dismal when there is nothing to do while gazing at a blank computer screen. The day drags, paranoia sets in and eventually the frustration of not being able to do anything leads you to a type of load shedding hysteria where you begin to wonder if your boss is secretly suspecting YOU to be at the root of the power outage and it was YOU who sabotaged the electricity… Yeah like I say its a type of hysteria…

None the less the load shedding us South Africans are currently getting acquainted with is more than just a silly inconvenience but a social transformation right in front of our eyes. Its quite interesting to be a part of and you should pay attention to the fact that as we are left with nothing to do we resort to an innate social tool that most have forgotten about….TALKING!!! Yup thats right there is nothing left to do but start up a conversation with whomever may be around.

Nothing to do at work…TALK

Nothing to do at home…TALK

Nothing to keep the kids busy with… TALK

Whats more is not only are people connecting in conversation but you can mark my words that the current electricity situation or lack there of is also going to result in a baby boom…just you wait and see.

There are only so many things that people can talk about once that done there just one more thing left…just like in the old days (according to my parents…eeeuuu)

This really could be history in the making…some years from now you may find yourself sitting around the dinner table telling the “Young-in’s” about the load shedding back in 2007 that resulted in…well…them :”)

All that I can really say about the load shedding is that yes its one major inconvenience and its effecting the traffic, stress levels are sky rocketing, financial’s are falling and impacting the already slow December period figures and people are getting seriously frustrated… but instead of focusing on the negative aspects why not look at it from a slightly different angle.

I mean yes all of the above applies but there is not a single thing that you can do to remedy the issues that Eskom is currently experiencing and no matter who you are or how perfect you world has to be there is absolutely positively nothing that can be done.

So instead how about when laod shedding strikes again, start up a conversation with someone you may not have ever spoken with before, you never know they may have something really interesting to tell you about and teach you that you never knew before. In the age of technoligy “this” and web 2.0 “that” and blah blah boring IT jargon, how about we make use of the tools that are inherint and god given and connect with someone, anyone, it doesnt matter who or what you talk about, just talk and learn and discover.

Thanks and have a brillaint day!



  1. Gary Facius says:

    Well it is 10h30 on thursday 24 January 2008. Here we go again – NO POWER. This is ridiculous!

    My personal opinion is this.

    Us as South Africans Should stand together and do something. Like what you ask?
    Lets say, we all went out and bought a generator for /- R8000-00 (Builders Wharehouse). Yes it sounds like a lot but in fact it isn’t, when you consider the amount of money that one spends on other items which we could do without.
    At least then when your power gets switched of you could use the “Genny” for lets say, your “Fridge or Stove or TV or any thing that you feel is needed. Then we “Boycott” Eskom.

    When they switch the power on again we can switch it OFF again at our “Mains Switch” and use the “Genny”.

    I Guarantee that this would solve the problem and Eskom would have to stop this nonsense!
    They would lose millions of rands because they are expecting us to suddenly use more power due to having none during the power cut. Instead we will have switched off their power and happily used our “Genny”. Just in one month of us doing this, it would stop!

    The problem is we cant seem to stand together for it to work.

    Personally I am going to do it, just on principle.
    People don’t realise that it actually costs you more money having no power than if it were their for you to use freely as you need it.

    The fridge must now work harder to get the temperature down. The geyser must work harder to warm up again as youv’e used water and the geyser became colder. Your dish washer might have been in the middle of a cycle wash and now has to re-warm the water and basically start all over again soap is wasted too.
    Never mind the damage that your appliances and computers face when these power cuts strike.

    Personally I think we have all been lied to and this has become an oppurtunity for the higher anarchy to make more money out of this than ever before. We are so stupid we cannot see what is happening in this country. Instead we all just faithfully carry on and Pay, Pay, Pay and accept, accept , accept.

    Lets cut the bullshit and stop them in their tracks. Lets stand together and fight for OUR RIGHTS, if not for yourself, for your kids and as a Human Being!