The rating concerns

In a recent issue of the bidorbuy Crazy Wednesday Newsletter (subscribe here), we talked about one worrying trend noticed in the realm of ratings. All of a sudden, some buyers (presumably, newbies) started rating their sellers before they received the item purchased.

This is definitely not to be done. You as a buyer should be aware that others will make their purchasing decision based on your rating. Your seller’s pleas or his or her charm should play no part in your rating decision. Rate fairly, honestly and responsibly, after you receive the merchandise in good order.

Here are some more dos and don’ts of rating. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, adhere to them and you will contribute to the smooth functioning of the bidorbuy online trading platform.

The dos of rating:

  • Do post your rating only after the transaction has been completed. For sellers, a transaction is completed when the payment is received in full; for buyers, a transaction is completed when the goods are received in good order.
  • Do base your rating only on the transaction in question and on the other party’s attitude during that particular transaction.
  • Do make an extra effort when rating and type a sentence or two as a feedback describing your experience.
  • Do remember to change your original negative feedback if circumstances change. Typically, sellers would change a negative rating when a forgetful buyer remembers to pay after all; buyers would change a negative rating when the parcel eventually arrives.

The don’ts of rating:

  • Do not give revenge or unsubstantiated negative ratings.
  • Do not leave a negative rating in a moment of anger or before trying to resolve a dispute.
  • Do not trade ratings, solicit ratings, threaten the other party with a negative rating, or otherwise abuse the system.


  1. Petro du Plooy says:

    How am i (the buyer) suppose the rate the seller if i have only received hassles from the seller, even before he sends the packages, and then he calls my rating a revenge rating, and has it deleted, and tells me that if i do not change my rating, he is going to get the package back from the postoffice. Isn’t the rating system to express your dealings with a seller, because so far it has only been a negative experience for me, what is the problem then by giving him a negative rating?

    • Hi Petro, alas, ratings can be such an emotional issue! As a rule, bidorbuy will not interfere into ratings, except in some, very, very blatant situations. (Our rating system rules and guidelines are set out in the Help pages; just do a search for “ratings”.) After all, buyers and sellers are supposed to be grown-ups who can sort out things like that in a calm, rational manner. If you are the calm and rational one and the other party absolutely refuses to behave in a similar manner, I suggest you finalise the deal as quickly as you can and walk away – that is, buy from a different seller next time.

      • lorraine says:

        what is to stop the seller using revenge ratings and being rude and negatively affecting the buyer’s ratings?

        • Hi Lorraine, revenge ratings and rude comments are against the bidorbuy policy. Our customer service will reverse obvious instances of revenge ratings and delete rude language (or the whole rating). Of course, sometimes the lines between revenge and justified are not very clear cut, and it may be in your best interest to leave a polite reply to a negative rating, explaining things from your side, and leave it at that. One negative rating will not make you a bad buyer in anyone’s eyes.

    • Lorraine says:

      i fully agree with you. have had a seller threaten me (my first bid on BOB, so i made an error) with removal from BOB, shocking comments & when i returned with a smart comment BOB deleted mine but left sellers’ really rude and hot-headed remarks on, which shows my first buy as a huge negative. so it seems that BOB are protecting rude sellers and not us buyers. very disappointed.

      • Hi Lorraine, I promise you that we try to be impartial, which does not mean that we always succeed, simply because it is not always easy to be a referee in matters of ratings. (You should hear some of our sellers telling us how we always favour buyers!)