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Vote for bidorbuy in the awards!

This year, just like every year since 2006,, the South African comparative shopping site, will be giving awards to outstanding South African ecommerce web sites.

The awards have been designed to recognise and reward companies and organisations that have demonstrated excellence through the use of the internet, with specific emphasis on online trading.

With such brief, it comes as no surprise that has won several years in the row the title of the best in the auction sites category (and some other categories).

With your help, this year too bidorbuy can be a winner. Simply go to and vote for your favourite online trading site, bidorbuy (in the Jump shopping version known as Bid or Buy – but not to worry, thatâ€s us!)

Voting is open during October 2010 and you are allowed one vote per day, so remember to go back (often) and vote again… and again.


  1. Great site, its not complicated, its fast and there are a lot of people selling good products.

  2. Time Out Creations says:

    Any person can benefit on this side. brings business people together that would not under normal circumstances do business. (due to lack of awareness). Business can be done at home. Great idea. love it, makes my life very easy.

  3. Johann Pienaar says:

    Best way of practical,workable bussiness at my convenience when and where I prefer it

  4. ClickandShip says:

    Without a Shadow of a doubt, Bid or Buy is the Safest, Easiest and Fastest Online Shopping Facility in South Africa!! LUV IT!!

  5. Rista Lombard says:

    The best online market site. 100% guaranteed safe and secure for sellers and buyers.

  6. Since I joined a few months ago, I have had nothing but fun, friendliness from BoB staff, helpfulness from fellow bobbers and most of all 100% safe transactions thanks to the great security team that is always there to stop scammers dead in their tracks. Thanks BidorBuy Team

  7. Excellent site, can buy from there with confidence. Never been disappointed

  8. Hi every body bidorbuy is the best got a lot of bargins keep up the good work THANK YOU

  9. the benchmark of e-commerce site in Africa.

    secure,discipline sellers and buyers.trusted.

  10. My vote go 100% for the 1st and last online shop / market / supermarket / spaza shop just what you want to name it – BIDorBUY say everything.

  11. I’ve Been a member since 2000, and this is the BEST Internet trading sight by FAR. E-Bay needs to catch up. The staff are always helpfull, and able to advise and sort out any problem. The site is easy to navigate, and there is always somthing for averyone, Child to GRANNY. Keep up the good work. Ed

  12. Neels Theron (Eend) says:

    Best online market. You can only benefit on this site. Great work BoB team. Keep it up.

  13. Effective & convenient!
    Well done Bidorbuy, U deserve d award!!!

  14. Scratchpatch says:

    Good way to earn some bucks even if you have no experience. Rating system excellent, payments made easy. If you have a computor & camera you are in business. SIMPLY THE BEST

  15. The market-place at my finger tips.

  16. bidorbuy create work and income, its buy or sell. Very easy !

  17. My favourite website.

  18. Bidorbuy is the only save place in south africa and africa where people can buy n sell and not. Good luck bob n keep it up.

  19. BOB is great, the best, my own shop, 24/7, I can buy and sell anything from a hairpin to a truck at the fraction of the cost of a shop in town!!

  20. bidorbuy to me is the One and Online online Auction site. Smooth, professional, something for everyone and never a lack of interest!


  22. W.Esterhuizen says:

    i cant do without BidorBuy,this is the best concept ever,They deserve the Top award,They simply the best at what they do,need i say more.!!Keep it up.

  23. DestinysAngels says:

    BOB for sure, how else will i be able to suppliment my income in order to feed my Dogs, thank you BOB, you certainly are No 1!

  24. Very happy with BIDORBUY THANK YOU

  25. Have been doing business on BOB for some time. Taking into consideration the size of the site, I would like to commend them for the exellent manner the site is being administrated, kepp it up and thank u for your making it easy to trade.


  27. Jan Jacobs says:

    GREAT, nothing more to say……………

  28. Unbelievable way of buying at bargain prices.I have already introduced a lot of my friends and they are very happy to buy on BOB.Well done BOB team

  29. Simply the best, meet people via buying and selling and have peace of mind through buyer and seller protection.

  30. If you guys win it will be a well deserving award at that. You guys are by far The No1 buy or sell concept in South Africa. Easy website to click and buy, Great back office support and a safe place to trade. Wishing the entire Bidorbuy team Good Luck!

  31. Very professionally run site and very user friendly. Bid or Buy is excellent to use both as a buyer and seller.

  32. christine engelbrecht says:

    Great site, its not complicated, its fast and there are a lot of people selling good products.very helpfull people….Thanx BoB

  33. Clearence Corner says:

    One of the best site in whole africa! very easy to use.. good and helpfull staff of bidorbuy, The place where you get BARGAINS!!!
    Wishes all the very best to the staff!

  34. ElectronicXpress says:

    For me, bidorbuy is just getting better and better, very helpful staff, not only getting popular in S.Africa, but in whole africa, we as seller’s, are proud to be a part of Bidorbuy

  35. This is a special trading site that has gone from good to great in the last 8 years. Keep it up.

  36. Keep up the good work guys, you def have my vote!!

  37. What a fantastic trading site to deal with. I am proud to be part of us. Keep up the great work.

  38. Kevin Singh says:

    Safe & convient…awesome!!!!well done to all u BOB people