Take a survey (there may be something in it for you)

Donate a few minutes of your time, and help a researcher complete his doctoral thesis!

Jacques Nel is doing a doctoral thesis in Marketing at Stellenbosch University. As part of his thesis, he needs to find out how South Africans feel about internet and cell phone banking.  And who better to participate in his online survey than bidorbuy buyers and sellers, who are on the internet all day long anyway!

Do you have to be a user of one of these two electronic banking technologies in order to take part?

Absolutely not.

Jacques is interested in the opinions and attitudes of both users and non-users. So, whether you subscribe to cell phone banking to internet banking, or to neither of the above, complete the survey. It will cost you only about 10 minutes of your time to a) help Jacques complete his doctorate and b) to contribute to better understanding of how South Africans relate (or do not relate) to internet and cell phone banking.

There is an additional sweetener too. Jacques will show his appreciation to you by awarding no fewer than 12 (yes, twelve) cash prizes:

  • 5 cash prizes of R1000
  • 2 cash prizes of R500
  • 5 cash prizes of R200

Plus – hold your breath now (it’s worth it) – the main prize:

  • An Apple iPad 16GB with Wi-Fi + 3G (market value: R 5,600)

To stand a chance to win one of the cash prizes, you need to complete the questionnaire correctly and to provide your contact details at the end of the survey.

The deadline is 30 April 2011. Be sure to complete the survey before that date!

When you do, remember to head back to your favourite online trading platform, www.bidorbuy.co.za, and carry on your usual business of buying and selling.


  1. Coralsands says:

    1. Internet Banking is a convenient and relaxing method of paying and receiving funds. It does have a certain amount of risk, but weighing up the risk there is the comfort of your own home which is a better risk than standing at an ATM or Bank counter where the risk of mugging is and can be a fact. We drive on our roads at our own risk every day. Internet banking like all other things in life has risks, but used wisely the risk can be minimal
    2. Bid or Buy – is a platform where people can enjoy buying their collectables etc. or selling/auctioning their wares within the confines of the safety of their own home at the same time reaching the maximum number of potential buyers/sellers. It is a place of business for all ages – the young and the old. It is a technological boon to be used at the ease of your own arm chair. Bid or Buy is a valuable asset to have at your finger tips. It is place to find or sell what others need or want.