How to spot a scam

Recently – well, to be exact, today – a Facebook user posted this message on the bidorbuy Wall on Facebook, and we quote exactly:

“People, PLEEEASE STAY AWAY FROM BID OR BUY. Nigerian scam. Ive lost money through a scam of the so called Smiths. Stay away from this site.“

An unpleasant experience, especially such an extreme one as falling victim to a scam, will certainly put the injured party off transacting on our site (at least for a while). However, as practically everyone who has bought or sold on bidorbuy knows, this platform is just too good to be turned away from.

For buyers, bidorbuy is good because here they can buy things they cannot find in shops, as well as things they can find at shops, but at better prices.

For sellers, bidorbuy is good because here they can sell an odd unwanted item, or generate a steady secondary or primary income.

As is in the nature of consumer-to-consumer trading platforms, the partners, buyers and sellers, are responsible for what they do. That means that they must enter into every transaction with eyes wide open. Buyers, for example, should read the article How to Buy on bidorbuy for Beginners, browse the Buying Help pages, and closely study the bidorbuy Buyer Protection Programme.

Plus, everyone who ventures onto the wonderful, but at times also hazardous, world of the World Wide Web should learn from day one how to keep safe. We have written extensively about scams criminals perpetrated, or tried to perpetrate on bidorbuy (see the Scams section of this blog and the article Beware of Car Scams).

A few minutes ago, we also came across this spot a scam presentation on ZD Net. Look at it carefully. Read the users’ comments. Because, the more you know about scams, the better equipped you will be to recognise them and to avoid them.


  1. Scams are everywhere ! People are cautioned daily to look out for scamsters and deals that seem too good to be true, particularly buying online.I have been a buyer for a few years now and although I was conned by one buyer , in all honesty , I fell for a deal that ” was too good to be true “.
    The shock of being scammed does lend itself to initial hysterical thoughts such as this user posted on the wall but quite honestly , if common sense prevailed and we did keep our eyes open, scammsters would be less successful. Often , buyers only have themselves to blame. Myself included !

    • While I agree that BOB is relatively safe, I find it smug to characterise the reaction of a person who has been scammed using the site as hysterical. if you are able to accept the loss of your money with a smile ten a big up to you, but some of us cannot, and our anger may well come theough as we blame BOB for the loss.

  2. call shop says:

    Bidorbuy is a very safe place to trade on. Unfortunately in every walk of life you find bad people. People always want to scam people where they can. Bidorbuy is very safe, but the user must be careful with who he/she deals with. This is with any business, online or offline. Thumbs up bidorbuy 🙂

  3. I recently made an automatic bid of R600 and my limit set at R700. I was surprised to get an email saying I’ve won da bid at R900. How come? Something is not righ .

  4. Thembalihle says:

    15 day ago i bought an item on bidorbuy .before i payed for it the saller ask me to pay for the item directly to his/her bank details, i didn’t agree on that.i payed via bobpayeft and kept sending sms and email  that he havn’t recieve the money after a week, the seller never send me nothing (sms ,email ,parcel).if i send  him/her an email  ,i always get a respond saying TOMORROW .what i must do ?please help…

  5. Siboniso says:

    I think the money for an Item has to go to a bid or buy holding account then bid or buy tells the seller that the money has been received and he can release the goods upon receipt of the goods from the buyer ,then bidorbuy can release the money to the seller coz I was robbed as well on BOB and they never offered any assistance uptodate.

    • Netspyder1 says:

      you mean a secure carier transaction? like holding the payment till buyer receives the item and then release the payment? yes i would like that

    • uhm they have this in effect already…its called bobEFT where do you think that money goes???….yes a holding account — i hear what you saying but what you would be asking would be for bob withhold sellers funds until they or the buyer verify the goods this wouldnt work as theres hundreds of thousands of sales happen theres no man power to verify them all and even if it were that way the system would be just as manipulatible as the way it is now – moral of the story – buy wise read twice click once & buy from trusted sellers – read ratings for that product if you worried – and remember if you dont risk a fall & sometimes ‘leap’ in life you dont get to the otherside 😉