Charity sellers on bidorbuy

Give people the platform and tools to make a difference, somebody once said, and they will.

That is exactly what is doing. We are making it easy for you to make a difference and contribute to a good cause: to help people in need, protect animals in distress, conserve environment and wildlife, promote arts and culture…

The experience with the charity listing on bidorbuy is that people care and are willing to give whatever they can to help.

Currently, there are more than thirty listings in the bidorbuy Charity section. When you transfer your money to any of them, you are helping the relevant charity or non-profit organisation carry on doing its worthwhile job. The “charity sellers” presently selling on bidorbuy are, in alphabetical order:

  • Bidvest WCTAH 2011 is raising funds for Bidvest World Chefs Tour Against Hunger 2011
  • Books Etc raises funds for Children’s Feeding Trust
  • Chaelicampaign helps children with disabilities
  • FORA cares for rescued and abused dogs and cats
  • Papillon Foundation provides training and educational courses to people who cannot afford tuition fees
  • Potchlions will donate all the proceeds to the SA Guide Dogs Association
  • Radio Tygerberg is a non-profit community radio station

Many of you also donated to the bidorbuy initiative in support of the Salvation Army blanket drive.

Numerous other charities have made use of the bidorbuy trading platform to raise finds. Recently, UJW Kesher Group had several well-received auctions, as did Sungardens Hospice. Epilepsy SA told us that bidorbuy was by far the most successful of the channels they tried for their Kruger Rand raffle sale.

All thanks to you, bidorbuy users. You know that every little bit matters and you gave what you could.

bidorbuy will continue to lend its platforms to charity fund raising drives, confident that online philanthropy is fulfilling its reason for existing. It allows charities and non-profit organisation to reach a huge audience and it enables thousands of people to easily donate to organisations and causes they care about and want to support.

Soon, you will have another opportunity to show your generosity. We’ll say no more about it; we’ll only direct you to this sneak preview.


  1. Charity fundraisers are noble and great to have . Well done to All

  2. Elizabeth Reew says:

    Excellent information it is without doubt. I’ve been waiting for this info.

  3. sueanddaves says:

    As per their request, I am at the moment selling books on Bidorbuy for our local Hospice shop. I sell them alongside my own books but without mention. What do I need to do if I want to sell them as a new ‘seller’ under the Hospice name?

    • Hi Sue, to sell on behalf of a charity (and mention that in your listing), you need to:
      1) Register a new bidorbuy account with the charity’s name in it (if you already sell on bidorbuy, please get approval to do this from our customer support; you may write to Please use the charity’s bank details for pay outs.
      2) Send a signed letter on charity’s letterhead stating: This is to confirm that all proceeds form the sale of items under the user name (insert the newly registered user name here) are for (name of charity) to, or fax to 011-706 6523, attention Lana.
      3) Wait for us to inform you that the newly registered seller has been moved to the charity group of sellers.
      4) Proceed to list the items.
      The charity sellers are not charged success fees, but are charged enhanced fees (if any are selected) – EXCEPT the promotional category listing (this is free for Charity Listings). We’ll send you a how-to place your items in the Charity Listings page once the registration / approval procedure is finalised.

      • Sue Smith says:

        Thanks very much for the information Lana.
        I will speak to them about getting a letter etc.
        Two questions though:
        1) Do I have to pay a fee to open up another account in their name?
        2) At the moment when I sell one of their items, and payment is made, I take off the postage and listing costs as I cannot afford to pay those myself. I acknowledge that you say there are no listing costs but how then do I get my postage costs if the money goes direct to their account.

        • Hi Sue, please note that there are no fees involved for opening a second account, but you do need to get an approval from us. Please write to for that. As for shipping fees – you would need to make arrangements with the charity for which you intend to sell.