A tablet to burn all others?

Amazon recently announced four new Kindles: three digital readers (a $79 entry level no-touch screen e-reader; a $99 touch screen version; and a $149 touch screen version with both touch screen and 3G), plus a $199 first-ever Amazon tablet, named Kindle Fire.

While the two under-$100 Kindles are enough to put a smile on the faces of most e-book fans (and a worried frown on the faces of the competition), it is the Amazon tablet that is really creating all the buzz.

Kindle Fire is described as a 7-inch media-consumption tablet catering for the consumers of the bottomless content from the Amazon stores: movies, TV shows, music, books, magazines, apps, and games.

The reviewers have pointed out that Kindle Fire has no camera, no microphone, no 3G, and no GPS. But then, that is what helped Amazon keep its price so amazingly low that the device is likely to put the digital world on fire: only $199.

Will Kindle Fire burn all its (more expensive) competitors, like iPad, Blackberry Playbook, or Samsung Galaxy? Watch this space to find out! (“This space” being the bidorbuy tablet section.)

Note: the Amazon Kindle Fire is expected to appear in shops on 15 November 2011. All the prices mentioned here are for the US.


  1. Antonette says:

    This sounds great as we already have other technology to do all the other stuff! With this I can have all my books, movies, mags with me wherever I go without looking like a library.Price is also great even considering the exchange rate. Wonder if SA will also get it by November 2011.

  2. Highly unlikely, Antonette. I ordered my Kindle 2 directly from Amazon when it was released and it only began appearing in SA about 8months later. Same with iPad2. Remember the queues at the lauch? Unfortunately, we live in sub-saharan Africa and are not important. Maybe some Bidorbuy sellers will get the 3G touch and Fire at launch………………

  3. Problem with importing is that the import duties and delivery fees push up the price astronomically.. Best wait till the major stores have it