Valentine’s Day competition

It’s very simple.

Tell us why you love bidorbuy in a comment to this blog and you will be entered into our Valentine’s Day 2012 competition.


  • First prize The Lover’s Bliss Couples Package at the private couple’s suite of the Renaissance Day Spa (Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton, Gauteng). The massage lasts three and a half hours and is valued at R2400. He gets a hot stone massage and an Indian head massage. She gets an aromatherapy massage and a sole revival. Both get a glass of sparkling wine and a fruit platter.
  • Second prize: R1000 cash to spend on bidorbuy.

So, go on, and don’t be shy! Tell us why bidorbuy is the best!

Terms and conditions

  • To enter the competition, tell us why you love bidorbuy in a comment to this blog post, from now until midday 14 February 2012
  • bidorbuy will select 5 best comments
  • From morning 15 February until morning 17 February, there will be a public voting for one of the 5 comments on the bidorbuy Wall on Facebook
  • The comment that gets the most votes wins the Spa treatment.
  • The runner up wins the R1000 to spend on bidorbuy.
  • The prizes must be used within three months from the date the winners are declared.
  • General bidorbuy competition terms and conditions apply.
  • By entering the competition, you accept the bidorbuy competition terms and rules.


  1. Beverley du Preez says:

    I love  BidorBuy because I can get EVERYTHING here and I mean EVERYTHING! LOL … and that in the comfort of my own home! xoxox

  2. i just love bidorbuy they got very good deals and products 

  3. Morgan Rambau says:

    I love Bidorbuy because I get nice items on a very reasonable price and you get to bid with other bidders. Bidorbuy always get new items to sell on a daily basis. Bidorbuy is my number 1 online shop. I have been following Bidorbuy before twitter/facebook was formed. I am on Bidorbuy facebook page and twitter. Bidorbuy does not disappoint me.

  4. Loved the ease, convenience & process of our recent purchase!

  5. carbon911 says:

    I love BidorBuy because they are FREAKING AWSOME!!! you get get whatever you want, when ever you want it! at any time of day or night. from the comfort of your work chair or home! or even your cellphone if your on the move, and like they say…. its a jungle out there.. so its much easier buying on bob than to go shopping. you guys ROCK!! (might even find a dictionary on bob for my impecable spelling skills! haha)

  6. Chantal Roos says:

    I love bidorbuy, because I work from home and don’t always have the time to go out to the shops. If I need something, bidorbuy will sell it. Whether it’s for my house or for my baby.

  7. Amanda Bothma says:

    Bidorbuy is my everything! As much as I love spending time with my hubby, I spend even more time on Bidorbuy. If I want to make him feel special, I buy him something from the Mens Jewellery category. If I want to cook a special dinner, I buy a recipe eBook from the Books category. If I don’t know what to get him for his birthday, I buy a voucher from the Gift Vouchers category. And if I want something from him? I send him a link of exactly what I want with the “Tell a friend” email feature. Gotta make sure he doesn’t get it wrong you know?  😉

  8. Melody Grobler says:

    What’s not to love?! I get to shop for absolutely everything in the comfort of my own home plus I get to participate in awesome auctions which gets the adrenaline pumping (so there’s no need to feel guilty about sitting on my bottom all day). It’s a complete one stop shop which is, more often than not, cheaper than anywhere else. It’s fun, easy and seriously addictive 😉 From bidding wars to simple buy now transactions… this is the shopping wave of the future and I’m happy to be a part of it 🙂

  9. Craig Lubbe says:

    I love bidorbuy because I found a fantastic dining room suite for my apartment at a bargain!

  10. I love Bob cause they have a competition. I will love them more after I win the competition.

  11. I love Bidorbuy because i buy real n exclusive items cheaper from it and also make me to save more money than going to a shop to buy a bag for 1200 whereas in bidorbuy i can get it for 350.The service is always excellent no disappointment from it and also communication is good.And they way im so addictive i cant spend a day without checking the webpage. Even if the item is small or big to return it is not a big issue you just contact the seller and post the item without any complications.

  12. I love bid or buy as I know it will always have what I’m looking for at the best price. I love the fact that bob protects both the buyer and sellers interest which puts my mind at ease. I have only received excellent service from sellers and to be honest nothing is more fun then the thrill of bidding on a product and winning it!! 🙂

  13. Here are some reasons why I love Bid or Buy:


    B – Basically any item you
    want will be listed on Bid or buy, how awesome is that?

    I – Instantly check out the
    details of the product and take a look at some pictures of it too! Can anyone
    say convenient?

    D – Delivery details all
    listed with the product so nothing to get confused about, choice is yours!


    O – Outstanding customer
    service, anything you want answered – gets answered!!

    R – Read other people’s
    reviews and ratings about a product/seller – you can make an informed


    B – Buy conveniently from the
    comfort of your own home!

    U – Used items have their
    place on BoB too, your trash might be another mans treasure!

    Y – You have the choice to
    use Bid or Buy as an amazing marketplace platform!

  14. You always find something you always wanted and never got too at a good price ,so now you can have it 

  15. Starsound says:

    I love bob because of all the wonderful things that they have on their site, which you can get at great prices!

  16. Erica Harris says:

    I get to buy gifts for my partner (and everyone else) without even leaving the comfort of my home.  No traffic, no crowds, just me shopping at my leisure and getting the best goodies at the best prices.  I have literally bought hundreds of items from BOB,
    Thank you BOB for making my life just that much more bearable !!!
    Erica Harris

  17. I love BOB because you can always hunt for bargains here! Been BOB’er for 4 years!

  18. Sydney & Tertia Butler says:

    I love BOB, because as one of the unemployed masses of SA, BOB gave me hope, and easy & affordable way to create an addittional income,it gave me an reason to get up in the morning, it puts put the exciment of selling back into my life,every positive rating after a sale makes me feel worthy again of knowing that I am still worthy of being here and that my small efford of looking for something unique and different to supply has put a smile on my buyers face. It’s brought new people into my life friendly,good mannered buyers that enjoys BOB as mutch as I do.

  19. I love the fact that i am able to get good quality service, and excellent prices! It allows me to get more value for my money! Thank you bid or buy, for providing South Africans with a remarkable online store!

  20. I love that I can buy just about everything that I need from the comfort of my own home. Great sellers here, have built some relationships.

  21. Genevieve says:

    Being able to find things that not even Google can help with, and helping to sell things to people with the same problem makes Bidorbuy indispensable! I Love the choice of good deals and quirky finds, and the option to check the seller’s credentials. Thanks Bidorbuy!!!

  22. I LOVE BOB. Have won 36 items on this great site! I have always found what I’m looking for at a better price than on any other site on the internet! I have met the most awesum sellers and buyers on BOB. BOB is my 1 stop shop. I have recommended BOB to all my friends and got great feedback from all of them!

    I feel like an BOB addict…lol

  23. Jassika Sheikh says:

    For a working mum, Bid or Buy is heaven. Great deals, quick easy deliveries and making shopping so easy. The site is use friendly and I always get whats I need from birthday parties, to gifts for special days and not forgetting something to spoil myself. In a nutshell. Bid or Buy is the best!!!

  24. Cirsten van den heuvel says:

     I love bob. I have bought over 562 items and sold over 589 items. I have been a loyal bob supporter since October 2007 when it was still a baby. I have watched bob grow and continually evolve over the years, watching the website changes and how user friendly it has got. I love how i dont have to throw or part with stuff that’s still of value that i dont have use for anymore. Bob is the place that has let me have fun selling my stuff in a proffesional simple way. I have been addicted to bob for years and its the first thing i stop to every morning and have a quick peak on whats to offer. Thank you bob for your continued service to us.

  25. Bid or Buy is a great place to find items that you are looking for at awesome prices. The buyers and sellers that I have worked with have always been helpful and made Bid or Buy the best place to shop !!

  26. The people at work say I am addicted to Bid or Buy – every week something new, great prices, great services – would recommend it to anyone looking for a bargain

  27. Linzylinky says:

    Agh man – my cherries, chinas and bru’s – I am not a moegoe antie. I  smaak “BorB””stukkend cos without skelm  “BorBuy could make me a very rich antie.   Lsten!  Just now I just sommer find in the BorB art category a local ou (or ou-tess) artist – a future Van Gogh or what-hiz-name Cez-anne or a Monet and I bid for his painting  for a “Rond” or two hundred Rond – whaterver and I get the canvas and little yonks later the artist is big time FAMMMOUSSSS.  Isits possible !  Ja – it is.   I  sommer – right now – have this dream about me sitting on a plane to Paris  –  not pleb class –  fancy, fancy class – flying to France  to collect my cheque from the  BorB picture sold for mega bucks. I sommer want tell the artist – will just look for more art of his/hers on BorB so that I can go lekker hop from one dealer to the next making money.  Oh, ja, BorB staff –   I will skinnering to all the sexy ous sitting on my plane during my trips to sell my BorB art about the  BorB website and I will tell them to check out the site but I will not tell them to check out the art –  I am not dof.  Au revoir  (Antie learning French for when Antie goes to The Louvre with a BorB painting). 

  28. A Daft Scots Lass says:

    Bid or Buy is an awesome place to shop.  I’ve bought many things and sold many things over the years.  From furniture, to clothing, from electronic equipment to collectibles.  You can always seem to find what you want here and if you look hard enough you’ll get that BARGAIN!  I ♥ Bid or Buy Big Time

  29. A Daft Scots Lass says:

    I ♥ Bid Or Buy’s Homepage Off!!

  30. A Daft Scots Lass says:

    ♥ Bid or Buy  ♥ Rocks my Wallet!

  31. A Daft Scots Lass says:

    ♥ Bid or Buy ♥ Rocks my FACE Off!

  32. I love it coz its easy and convenient with out having to go out shopping.
    The fact that you can have your undies delivered to your door is awsome lol .

  33. Jemimareyneke says:

    To me Bid or Buy has
    broadened my horizons as I have learnt so much about various products and brand
    names especially on the older collectable items.  I have interacted with the most wonderful
    people through selling and have an interest and a hobby that I love.  I was introduced to selling on Bid or Buy by
    my partner and that in itself is a shared interest between us. At times the
    same person places a bid on my item and immediately after as fate has it on his
    item.  We have had that happen quite a
    few times and just love how small the world is. 
    I think that Bid or Buy serves the community extremely well and is very
    appreciated by me.

  34. I love bid or buy because I managed to find the perfect gift for the perfect man. The service was amazing and I was able to spread the happiness with just a few clicks

  35. Joos Vanhansen says:

    Bid or buy sent e-mail to me and I found things that I have needed but forgot about until I receive the mail. The best of all is that there is no one pressuring you to buy anything, you decide what you want and how much you can afford and you can buy it from the comfort of your living room. 

  36. Having been a Bidorbuy user for over 7 years now, I LOVE Bidorbuy because as a buyer it’s like having a thousand stores at my fingertips as well as a thousand glimpses into ordinary peoples’ yard sales. As a seller it’s absolutely wonderful, as if you can have a permanently displayed yard sale, not have to worry about packing up for rain, and instead of just a mere neighbourhood’s reach, your potential consumer market spans the entire South African landscape! I LOVE BIDORBUY FOREVER!!!

  37. I love bid or buy for one simple reason, you can get anything, anywhere at a price you can afford.

  38. Patricia Kazaka says:

    With my son turning 10 years old  this 10th February , Finding  that special gift he has been wishing for at an affordable price was the object of my fears until one day,  I came across the so coveted game : Dragonballz Budokai 3 PS2 ! 
    and then I knew it, there was no stopping me in  making his dreams a  
    reality on his birthday – All i needed was to login – Bid or Buy did it
    all for me!

  39. Chris Moodley says:

    I love BoB because of the efficiency and safety of buying great items, at the best price, hassle free! No fuss, prompt delivery and trusted sellers/buyers. What more can one ask for? You can be my Valentine anytime 😉

  40. Ridhwaan Tayob says:

    BoB is the Boss. Love you. Although I spend more on toys and gadgets then i ever did before BoB. But who cares 🙂

  41. Bidorbuy is loved by my husband and myself as having reached pensioner status and not having planned properly we struggled financially on our pension.   Then we discovered Bidorbuy,  we have supplemented our pension by selling all of the things we spent years collecting and no longer have a use for.  We like the fact that someone else will enjoy them. Our family also gives us things they no longer want.   We’ve also enjoyed all of the nice ratings from our buyers.  My husband loves parcelling the goodies.  It’s the highlight of our day just browsing or something being sold.

  42. I love BOB for the fact that you can almost find anything on the sit. I’ve been looking for a while for a server and found one, if BOB was never there i would of never found it. I love you BOB thanks

  43. Bid or Buy they’r the best, you can put them through the test. There you’ll find what you’ve been looking for, they defnitly has the biggest store.

  44. Barney Oosthuizen says:

    BID OR BUY Deserves BIG letters. Because of my sales I have now started trading in my own shares from the profits made. Just another way BID OR BUY helps me grow. Thanks Guys.

  45. Heidivanas says:

    I love Bid or Buy because of health I am house bound and this is the only way for me to buy everything I need and I am always satisfied with the items I bought and the great service

  46. Its easily accessible and provides a broad spectum to shop at ones convenience and time.

  47. Mkanniappen says:

    BoB …..we will always be able to afford to buy the best ….and keep up with the Joneses.

  48. We at bob love to hear from you all!

  49. Mark Vrdoljak says:

    BoB is as simple as a click here a click there…. Bam and you have your dream item at a fraction of the price! Not only that any small entrepreneur or artist can easily reach a market and the market can reach them… All in a safe and secure manner! Even gifting on the other side of the country is easy!

  50. I Love BoB. My son who is 7 years old. wanted to complete his Smurf collection. The only figurine he needed was Smurfette. We searched all the toy shops in Cape Town but with no luck. I decided to see if BoB might have it. I found it on BoB. I should have looked for it in the first place on BoB it would have saved me allot of time. Thank you BoB

  51. Shaziahoosen says:

    I like bob cos they are friendly and understanding. Last year in july I bid an item and until after 7 days after reading my mail came to know I won a bid. And then I read the emails that were a bit nasty but when I contacted bob they were understanding and within 3 days my parcel was at the post office. Keep up the good work guys.

  52. I’m a bit conservetive when it comes to online purchasing. I was nicely surprised last week when I cautiously bought my first item on BOB. Nice quality genuine product was delivered within few days. Keep up the good work. 

  53. Scharntel says:

    I love buying on Bob because it siuts my pocket and I always find the most interesting things on Bob. Like just the other day, I was looking for something to “spice things up” a little, and I found 3 very interesting little outfits on Bob, lol. Not only did my husband and I enjoy them, but they kept my pocket happy too. And everyone I had the pleasure of buying from, has given me nothing but the best service. It’s great being able to buy on Bob, it saves me time and money, the service is great, I get what I want, and it is delivered to me.  No queues.

    Keep up the good work guys!!!
    Love ya!

  54. I adore BOB because “he”………
    makes me laugh
    makes me jump for joy
    fills my days with rainbows
    and colours my life with beams of sunlight!
    BOB has become ………
    my broad shoulder to cry on,
    my pillow, my bank, my clown !
    I have fallen hopelessly in love with
    all the numerous, considerate, kind, gorgeous, exciting,
    honest, caring and exceptional visitors to my gem garden!

    Without you all, I will wither and surely shrink away!
    May you all be sincerely blessed forever!

  55. Bernadine Simpson says:

    OH MY GOSH!  I am totally hooked on BOB, well let’s
    just say that it has anything and everything, your heart desires! I can’t wait
    to get online every day to see what’s new, interesting and exciting!  The challenge
    is always on to see who wins the bid!!
    The website is interactive, colorful, informative.  The payment process is
    extremely simple and convenient.  BOB’s support center is efficient and
    not to mention very friendly.
    My boyfriend just smiles and shakes his head when I go online!

    I Love it!   I LOVE IT!

    BOB = Best Online Buddy!

  56. Robbie Baldwin says:

    BOB is a wonderful friendly easy and broad window into which you can be sure to find what you want at the right price. Keep up the good work.

  57. I love BOB because it has Everything I could ever want / need and desire! At such great prices / service and convenience!… Will you be my Valentine? 🙂

  58. If i knew Bid or Buy were so honest and will back you when a deal goes wrong, i would have bought my wife from them. The back-up they give you, would have been great and my wife would have enjoyd the nice things they sell!

  59. bob  is the safest ,most efficient on line store where u can get anything you need at a very low price and in good condition.They have measures to make ure that both the buyer and the seller are happy and even give you the freedom to choose how much you want to pay for an item on their auctions.It is the best i hav ever seen and have recommended it to many of my friends and family how now get everything here.Thanks bob

  60. Bid or Buy has absolutely anything and everything that one could ever need/want. I spend hours going through all the items available and it gives me pleasure to bid or buy a new item! The best thing since sliced bread!

  61. BOB I love you…… my days will be empty without you.  You are always there when I needed you….

  62. Karin Swanepoel says:

    I love bidorbuy
    as no Seller can lie
    Items are real and there’s no pie in the sky
    from a grand piano to a tie
    I can bid, buy or sell
    quicker than a call by Graham Tell
    Bidorbuy is soooo swell!

  63. Mandy Herdien says:

    Bod or Buy is an amazing site. You can shop and you can sell i bought stuff on it and the service was amazing the prices are reasonable and you get up to anything in there i would recommend anyone to go on the bid or buy site if they need something. You even find you hobbies on bid or buy they really amazing. 

  64. You Bid and I Buy… NO SORRY… I mean our son Bid and we buy.  Daddy what a bargain I bid on a GHOLF set for you.  Thanks son you are so wonderful.  Pleasure DAD I’ll email the bank details 🙂

  65. gothgirl69 says:

    Satin sheets silky and soft,
    I smile as I bid,
    oh what  good nights lie ahead.
    A candle to light,
    at prices so low,
    to whisk me away to my dreams as I sleep.
    An unwanted gift or a game over played,
    to make a little extra cash to tide me over,
    As I auction my treasures.
    Each day that arrives with new adventures to find,
    Oh, how I love my wonderful world of Bid Or Buy.

  66. Anonymous says:

    BOB is hot, BOB spoils me, BOB is all I ever wanted and much, much more. I LOVE YOU BOB! 

  67. where else am I going to purchase some bedroom toys 😛

  68. I love BidorBuy as I can shop 24 online. I am guaranteed online security and can view and select sellers according to their rating. This gives me peace of mind and safe shopping without fear of looters, problem of packing space or fines.

  69. Amy Leibbrandt says:

    I <3 BidorBuy because I'm a single mom who works full time – so BidorBuy helps me to not only earn a little extra cash on the side to pay for all the little luxuries that most mom's feel guilty paying for (sparkly shoes etc) as well as saves me time as I can do a lot of my shopping online without the hassle of having to venture to a crazy mall with my toddler in tow. Love you guys! 🙂

  70. Grenhilda says:

    I love BoB because I joined to pay for car repairs & my childs school tour, & ended up with 2 accounts & a whole new business in less than a year!!!

  71. Willemnaude1 says:

    i love BOB

  72. taunus1965 says:

    BOB, you are simply the best, better than all the rest. I should know, having been married to you for so many years!

  73. Sammy mofokeng says:

    this is my favourable site,love it,my wife always complain about it  ” she said i am married to BoB”

  74. Melissa Wentzel says:

    I love trawling BoB for hours on end, searching for products I absolutely HAVE to have but wil likely never NEED ^_^

  75. Bid or Buy is the place to see Bid or Buy is the place to be.
    Bid or buy brings harmony to the seller and the buyer both you and me.
    A little love poem for a great site BOB

  76. Addictive! Brilliant bargains and unusual items to be found in the comfort of my own home. Waiting for parcels to arrive is like a mini-Christmas each time  : )

  77. Kgomotso selokela says:

    BOB IS NO 1 shopping web where you can buy or bid anything, anytime and anywhere. what i love mostly is crazy wednesdays where you can get items at R1! I could not believe it when i won a product  worth more than R10000 at a cost of only R1. I couldnt stop bidding from that time and told my friends about BOB. Why pay a full price when you can get it very cheap at BOB? I love it< its brilliant< fantastic and owesome! It costed me absolutely nothing to register and to bid, unlike any other online auctions. I love it, i love it and the range of products it has are so amazing that i never thought i could afford them but on BOB I CAN!!!

  78. I love bidorbuy…its excellent, fast and worth it. I can find anything that i want. at the cheapest rates!!…it beats going to a store!!!  its efficient and safe. I recommend it to all my friend and family ..all the time!!!

  79. Bid or Buy -brings the shopping experience to your fingertips,
    within the comfort of your own home, you can buy everything you, friends and
    that your family needs or wants with a few simple clicks. Full your basket with gifts that bring joy to young and old for all occasions and still get
    change. Sellers also get the opportunity to showcase their products to their target
    groups using this meeting of markets. I love BOB because they bring sellers and
    buyers into contact, that not even distance would mater and both parties leave
    happy. 🙂

  80. BoB is fantastic.  Its saves you the fret of hassling and scurrying around!  Its where you have everything under your own control when transacting.  What an amazing thing.  You can review similar products, keep up to date on whats on the market when comparing prices and offers you the best when bidding and you have nothing to lose!  Love it!

  81. I LOVE BoB !!!!!!! It’s the Best way to Sell and To Buy any goods on the Internet you can imagine…. Best Online S.A. Auction website I ever encountered, It’s so awesome I can’t stop using it for 1 day ….. Bid Or Buy is an authentic Lekka Auction Web-Site – I Love Bid Or Buy a lot   

  82. Bless my boyfriend he bought me a Kindle for my birthday 2 weeks ago 🙂 but he didn’t get me a cover…the last time I lay reading under the covers with a torch was when I was 9…just got your weekly newsletter and went online and voila there are Kindle Touch Lighted Leather Covers for sale. There are so many to choose from! Later tonight at home I will compare sellers’ reviews and either bid or buy a cover. And yes, I’m willing to pay the extra postage to get it a.s.a.p 🙂

  83. BOB IS NO 1 shopping web where you can buy or bid anything, anytime and anywhere. what i love mostly is crazy wednesdays where you can get items at R1! I could not believe it when i won a product worth more than R10000 at a cost of only R1. I couldnt stop bidding from that time and told my friends about BOB. Why pay a full price when you can get it very cheap at BOB? I love it< its brilliant< fantastic and owesome! It costed me absolutely nothing to register and to bid, unlike any other online auctions. I love it, i love it and the range of products it has are so amazing that i never thought i could afford them but on BOB I CAN!!!

  84. Rmpjackson says:

    Harold and me are so new to Bid & Buy and it is just unbelievable how frighting and scareing it feels to start something like this on line. We will make it to the end make and no brake. We want to be part of the Bid & Buy family because we have so much to offer and Bid & Buy has so much to offer. I can not wait to start and reveal to the public what we have in the pipeline and to make Bid & Buy our partner in Success and to promote the Bid & Buy site to each and everyone that crosses our parth. If we can do it the whole world can do it!
    We have no choise this time and time is running out and we have millions and millions very odd and rare stuff to put on the Bid & Buy and take the money and enjoy it before its to late.
    Bid & Buy here we come!

  85. Dear Bid or Buy, I wrote you a Valentine’s Poem.For all the things I wish were mine – Your portal is my e-commerce shrine.We ‘clicked’ right from the very start  –  And all this clicking’s close to my heart!
    A wish-list as long as Movie Credits – Of things I need which have great Merit.
    Bid or Buy, Hear me calling you – This Valentine’s, make my wish come true!?

  86. mmm bidorby is the way,it gives you the best you look for and is for real….

  87. Always amazing things advertised, shop shop shop till you drop.

  88. you never know what you will find, its like going to a magical candy shop, with precious treasure lurking around every corner

  89. BoB is there for me when I need extra cash, or simply when I need to satisfy my impulse-buyer need 😀 To navigate the site on a relaxed evening picking out my ‘wishlist’ and of course my ‘must have list’ is an experience afforded us all by Bob.

  90. Human Hans says:

    BoB is my main supplier of all my needs that could not be satisfied in my own home-town.I can not go on with a normal life without BoB. 

  91. Berni0012 says:

    Need something go to BOB, want to buy a present go to BOB, in need of something different go to BOB, BUYING ON BOB IS THE BEST FEELING EVER

  92. The reasons I love BOB …
    … it gives me independence to sell a little of my creativity to the outside world.
    …I can browse in my pyjamas and bob never complains about my appearance!
    …I can be myself and browse the categories I enjoy without having to tag along to places which bore me!

  93. Nikita Lume says:

    Bid or buy, the greatest invention.
    Shopping, shopping with no redemption.

    I love the clothes, games and jewellery too.
    Wondered what I was gonna do with my dog when he needed the loo.
    Then I found and bought a doggie potty.
    No to mention the clothes, that are sure to make me a hottie.

    With just one button and an EFT.
    so easy to buy, with no added fee.

    When I win the bid I feel so proud.
    I shout with joy, oh so loud.

    Buying goods at a cheap price.
    so much variety, oh so nice.

    and i’m not even shy 🙂

  94. i hate long ques and shops i just click on what i want and get it 

  95. i hate Ques and lines in the shops with Bidorbuy i just click on what i want and get it

  96. you can find so much things with just a click of a button

  97. Barry Nelson says:

    Bought a bicycle on bob for a good price, did last year’s Argus on it and enjoyed it so much have entered again for next month’s Argus

  98. I joined bidorbuy  in 2006 and it
    all come about while chatting via skype to my daughter Christina that lives in Australia

    I had retired at a younger age due to burn out of being in business, my
    daughter said Dad why don’t you sell on the internet on ebay , I replied Tina I
    have nothing to sell , dad she said if you look around I am sure you will find
    plenty to sell and so right she was, my 4 bedroom  double garage and workshop was cluttered with
    idle items/goods.

    So action I took listed a few items on ebay and was amazed at the
    response  but there was a snag in posting
    shipment , so I googled buy sa and up it come the bidorbuy site, I joined and never
    looked back I love it, as we speak I have sold over 1000 items long live
    bidorbuy CHEERS!!!

  99. Michelle Andrew says:

    BOB is the BEST – I have been with them for many many many years and have never had anything go wrong. There is nothing you cannot find online and the prices are amazing – you guys are amazing – I cannot actually imagine the world before BID OR BUY – OMW what a disaster. Thank you to everyone behind the scenes to make this wonderful website a reality for all of us who buy and sell regulary – great bargins and great vetting. You are the best!!!!!
    Michelle’ Andrew (Giraffe)

  100. Oh my hat. What do I love BidorBuy?!?!? What don’t I
    love…. I’m a Forester, so I don’t get the chance to go shopping a lot, and
    also, I hate standing in ques. I have bought everything on BidorBuy, from
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  102. I LOVE BOB! Ek kan altyd met gemoedsrus hier koop, en weet as daar ‘n probleempie is dan SAL BOB dit uitsorteer.  IT gives me peace of mind!   THANX! <3

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  104. Sadha Naicker says:

    Its the best way to bid or buy

  105. I love bidorbuy! I love doing shopping on BOB! We even got my engagement ring on BOB. I already did some “window shopping” on BOB for a wedding dress. YOU ROCK BOB! 

  106. Zander Smit says:

    There are a plethora of on-line classified and auction sites out there. But bidorbuy is the one site i all ways find myself coming back to. Be it as a buyer or a seller, i have all the tools i need to successfully purchase items at reduced prices, or sell items at profitably margins.

    Simply put, when it comes to on-line auctioning/classifieds bidorbuy is the go-to site.

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    I find the best deals with you and dont overspend! Thank you very much

  108. I am a bargain lover and BOB is perfect for picking up great bargains.
    Until a few weeks ago I had never used BOB.  A friend of mine told me how she got all her furniture on BOB at fantastic prices.  This peaked my interest and I registered the next day.  Before I knew it I had won 9 auctions including one for a hanging chair I have always wanted (at a fraction of the retail price).  It now feels like Club Med at my own house 🙂
    Thanks for saving me money on so many things I have always wanted.
    I love you BOB!

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  112. Dorathia Smith says:

    Cool is not the word !!


  113. Carina Stroebel says:

    I love bid or buy because it brings the word of buyers and sellers right in to your home

  114. Charmaine Botha says:

    I Don’t only love Bid Or Buy, I am totally Addicted, What ever you can think of BOB has it, fast, simple, convenient, makes me a happy bidder. Specially love the fact that payments made to BOB are updated so quickly, means I’m getting my stuff faster yay!! 

  115. Pienaar Kloppers says:

    It is where you can find ANYTHING, ALL the time… from a wet umbrella to a two wheeled wheelbarrow! hahaha!

  116. Esmerelda van Jaarsveld says:

    B – Best
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  117. Once I have started buying on BOB I am hooked! We live in Klerksdorp and sometimes here we have limited access to certain goods. On BOB I can find almost anyting I can think off! It makes my life soooo much easier!! I love to shop on BOB!!!!

  118. Charmaine Botha says:

    We love to buy. And because BOB has so much to offer we fall “in love” We love to feel the rush of power and the rush of satisfaction as you get the next big item that’s supposed to fix your life and make things better. We buy when we believe that the things we buy can add value to our lives, whether it be a laptop or pillow or chair (yes, i’m naming random things that are around me right now). It’s supposed to make your problem go away, whether that problem is smelling bad, or thinning hair or not being able to speak in public. We buy to make ourselves feel better, and there is no better place than Bid Or Buy to find what ever you can think of from A to Z to help make you happy! 🙂 I love spoiling myself just as much as my husband loves me spoiling him as well. 

  119. A Demetriades says:

    1. portable, rechargeable fan
    2. green laser pointer
    3. telescopic clothing rail for really really cluttered cupboard
    4. nail decals
    5. mini air compressor

    All very different products, from the same place. And I didn’t even have to leave my living room.

    The exciting part is, there’s still more to come…

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    Happy Valentines day Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Thank you for your I-love-bob comments! (We love you all
    too.) Please note that the I-love-bob comments competition is now closed. We’ll
    pick the top 5 (an almost impossible task!), which we’ll post in a separate
    blog entry and invite public votes. The 2 comments that get the most votes get
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