Stop by bidorbuy stores

If you’ve been paying attention, you noticed that at the end of March 2012 bidorbuy introduced the concept of online stores. It took a lot of work, but you must admit that they look great. Did not see them yet? Take a peek.

The advantages of stores for sellers are obvious. They get to stand out (for a reasonable fee), and that means a lot on a platform where thousands of sellers compete for attention each and every day.

But what are the advantages for the buyers?

When they shop in a store, buyers get a lot more than the pleasure derived from entering a beautiful environment. They get peace of mind. Sellers featured in the stores are carefully selected. They must have at least 50 positive ratings from buyers and maintain the positive ratings percentage above 98%. In short, they must be committed to customer service.

All that means that shoppers can buy with increased confidence.

As a matter of fact, bidorbuy as a company is ready to back the verified sellers who are featured in the stores with a bidorbuy guarantee of R5000, R6000 or R7500 (the amount depends on the type of the store). This is considerably more than the protection levels offered for purchases from verified sellers by the bidorbuy Buyer Protection Programme (do note the limitations and the exclusions that apply to the Programme).

What’s your take on bidorbuy stores? Thumbs up or down?


  1. Its scary because people like Louise Boshoff and her daugher Marie-Louis and son Jean Pierre  family of the renowned artist Adriaan Boshoff can just sell off painting people entrust to them, and then claim they dont know what they did with the painting…  They stall you, they dont get back to you and they are cold and calculating.

    • bidorbuy_co_za says:

      Hi Rene, please note that we can’t allow people to use any of the bidorbuy platforms to accuse / speak ill of anyone else. If the persons you are talking about are sellers on bidorbuy, and if your complaint against them is in connection of an item you bought from them on bidorbuy, please contact our customer service at, and they will do their best to help you.

    • Hi Rene – we have also given paintings to (a certain art dealer) and they have vanished.  Have you found your paintings back from her?

    • Hi Rene.  To which art dealer have you supplied paintings. I am looking for Louise Boshoff – daughter of Adriaan Boshoff.  She has also vanished without paying mne