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blogThe very first post of the official bidorbuy blog bears the date of 25 July 2007. A couple of months short of the blog’s sixth birthday, we are happy to announce no less than six additions to our blogosphere.

The six blogs are designed to provide commentary, how-tos, tips and reviews on an array of human activities, roughly associated with the majority of categories featured on bidorbuy.

The six recently inaugurated thematic, or genre bidorbuy blogs are:

  • Alison Loves focuses on fashion, style, jewellery, watches, health and beauty.
  • Chill Room features books, movies, TV shows, music, art and crafts.
  • Digital Byte is devoted to techie stuff: cell phones, computers, electronics, gaming and cameras.
  • Get Moving aims to cover motoring, sport, travel and entertainment.
  • Living Zone is about your home, garden, family and business.
  • Rare Finds is for everyone who is into antiques, collectibles like coins, stamps, gems, and so on, as well as hobbies.

We expect that many of you will grace one or two of the above with your patronage, depending on your interests. However, we hope that, from time to time, you’ll give some attention to others too. All seven bidorbuy blogs (the official one plus six thematic blogs) are interlinked and you can easily surf among them to read or comment on a subject that happens to catch your attention.

Also, remember that you can get updates into your inbox by subscribing to the bidorbuy newsletters.