Deadbeat buyers and you

deadbeat-buyers1Yes, we know. Non-paying buyers are a major frustration for bidorbuy sellers. Recently, one of them complained:

“My auction ended a week ago. The winner refuses to pay and does not reply to my emails. This is costing me time and money, for I had bought enhancements for that listing.”

We in the bidorbuy HQ understand and sympathise. That’s why we’ve put together this short advisory piece.

What to do

If you do not receive a payment seven days after the order was made, file an SNC (Sale not completed). The SNC needs to be filed in order to recover the bidorbuy success fee (selling commission) for the unsold item.

Then you can (and should) rate the buyer negatively. This is best done after filing the SNC, to prevent possible revenge rating from the non-paying buyer.

If the same buyer tries to bid again on your items, you may delete his bids. You may also delete bids placed by buyers who garnered negative rating in dealings with other sellers.

Deleting the bids must be done manually. However, in a case of a buyer previously SNC-ed by you, you may even opt to block him or her for a period of up to 60 days.

What not to do

deadbeat-buyers2Sellers may not delete bids from new buyers just because they are new and have no ratings. The bidorbuy trading platform (and that includes sellers on bidorbuy) cannot discriminate against new buyers. After all, everybody on bidorbuy has to start from zero ratings. Buyers are customers, and no customers = no business, both for bidorbuy and for sellers on bidorbuy.

Buyers who change their mind too often will accumulate negatives and will be eventually removed from the site by bidorbuy. We know that this is a small consolation for all the sellers who are frustrated by non-paying buyers now – but that too is part of running a business.


  1. artworks online says:

    BOB should encourage buyers to pay within 48 hrs. most my buyers pay on checkout and this is great. there are a few that buy and take time to pay, but this is an annoance to sellers. Majority of the online website that i purchase from require payment on checkout.

    • Hi artworks online, thank you for your suggestion. The bidorbuy platform is in a specific position, because the stock is controlled by thousands of sellers. The payment can be made off the site, so we can’t enforce payment on checkout. We deem that 7 days is a fair measure for sellers and buyers to come to a mutual agreement in case any problems arise in the payment phase of the sale procedure.

  2. This website is in gehoots with sellers & only protects their interests.
    When buyers default communication is widely marketed.
    When the seller defaults, Bid or Buy blocks all communication.
    I have had an issue with a seller & Bid or Buy did not acknowledge any responsibility, passing on the buck so to speak.

    • Hi XXX, if anything, bidorbuy is in league with both sellers and buyers. One can think of bidorbuy as of a 3-legged stool (the legs being the buyers, the sellers, and the company HQ): it’s strong and sturdy with all 3 legs, but the moment one of the legs gives in…
      The blog post on deadbeat buyers was actually intended as a sort of a “no-no” to sellers, to tell them that they may not discriminate against new buyers, who have no ratings, by deleting their bids and refusing to trade with them. At the same time, the post expressed understanding for the frustrations of the sellers who happen to come across deadbeat buyers.
      Regarding the issue you mention you had with a seller on bidorbuy: generally speaking, you know that bidorbuy as a company provides the infrastructure and sets the rules of the site; that you as a buyer decide what to buy and from whom to buy (based on rating, previous feedback, verified status); and that the two trading partners are responsible for their transactions on the site.
      If any problems arise, the buyer and the seller need to sort them out. Our customer support will try to help, but we can do only so much, and if the worst comes to the worst, the partner with the grievance needs to take the matter further (to the police) personally.
      Of course, if you buy from a verified seller (with a green tick next to the user name) and suffer a loss, bidorbuy will refund you, under specific conditions and up to a specific amount, after a procedure that might be lengthy. Please see our Buyer Protection Programme for details.