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ask1This feature has been on bidorbuy for a while now: the Ask bidorbuy box. You can see it when logged in, for example in the confirmation page when listing an item for sale, during the check-out process. You need not be logged in to see it on the Deal of the Week page.

The Ask bidorbuy functionality is powered by nanoRep. This customer support software is “wired” to give instant replies to the most frequently asked questions. That means that bidorbuy users get the answers they need quickly, and that bidorbuy customer support staff has more time to devote to more challenging tasks.

nanoRep aims to provide replies that are not only instant but also accurate (naturally). In order to be accurate, nanoRep needs to learn…how-to-buy

…and that is why we’re writing about this feature only now: we wanted to give the lad (lass?) a chance to learn before we formally introduced him (her?) to you.

Here is how it works. For starters, we at bidorbuy have “taught” our nanoRep all the FAQs we could think of. From there on, whenever something new is introduced on the site (and that, as you know, happens often), the information is “fed” to the nanoRep. Also, whenever our “real” customer consultants answer a question not covered in the initial knowledge base, the question and the answer are duly directed the nanoRep way.

We aim to make nanoRep so knowledgeable that he (she?) will be able to answer as much as about 90 percent of customer questions.

If you cannot get a satisfactory answer the self-service way, the Ask bidorbuy box also gives you the choice to either explore the Help pages or to email our support team.

supperIt is important to remember that, when you are addressing nanoRep via the Ask bidorbuy box, you are dipping into our digitalised knowledge base. You are not talking to a bidorbuy customer support consultant, and you are most definitely not talking to any of the sellers who trade on bidorbuy.

Oh, yes. The bidorbuy nanoRep also tells jokes, of sorts. Hopefully, they too will get better with time!


  1. Hi,

    the buyer has informed me that they are refusing to pay for the items that they have ordered.

    Please advise what i should do?

  2. Hi pls assist me I have made a mistake a while ago I have bid on items and ent thu a situation and could not pay my items I have since tride to log on with my username and password and I can’t I have bought something and made a payment and the seller notified me that I have paid the wrong amount and need to pay an exstra amount for the shipping pls help me as I can’t accsess my account

    • Hi, the bidorbuy account associated with your email address has been blacklisted due to too many negative ratings that the sellers gave you after you neglected to pay for the orders you made. Please note that, while bidorbuy is fun, trading on bidorbuy is a serious business. Buyers should bid on an item or make an order only if they are sure they want the item, and then they should complete the order by paying for the item. In rare cases when buyers absolutely can not honour their commitment, they should ask the seller to delete their bid / order and thus release them from the trading contract. In any case, you may write to (allow about 48 working hours for a reply), explain your situation and see if our customer support will allow you to trade on the site again.

  3. nicolellaannabelle007 says:

    how long after a bid has closed does one get told if ones bid was successful?

    • Hi nicolellaannabelle007, the winner is known as soon as the auction closes. If you are online, with the auction open, you need the keep refreshing the page in the last minutes. The bidorbuy system sends an email notification to the winning bidder as soon as the auction closes, but deliverability may depend on other, external factors. You may also opt to be notified by SMS about auctions you are bidding on. Please see:

  4. Hi, I bought an item from a seller 31 Aug 2013. And it’s now middle October, and I haven’t received anything. according to them it takes 5-7 business days for it to get to me. I would like to ask them for a refund, I just want to know if I can, and what if they refuse?

    • Hi Henco, as you know, bidorbuy is an online platform where buyers and sellers trade directly and are responsible for their transactions. We as bidorbuy may refund the buyer (in specific circumstances) if he / she bought from a verified seller. Please see our Buyer Protection Programme. In any case, our customer support will try to help; you may write to them at (allow +/- 48 working hours for a reply), or phone 0861 88 0861. Do note: our customer support can only do so much, and if worst comes to worst, you need to take action personally (like opening a police case).