Grade your coins for less

Update: coinsDue to high interest, this offer has been extended until the end of November!

So, South African coin aficionados now have the whole of October and the whole of November 2013 to take their coins to South African Numismatic Grading Service (SANGS) and have them graded at a 10% discount!

Whether you are a dealer, an investor or a collector, you know that officially graded, slabbed and sealed coins are the sine-qua-non of the numismatic world. So, take up this fantastic offer and contact SANGS at or 011-873-5090 to find out where to take your little treasures to have them inspected by experts.

For more information, visit the SANGS website.




  1. Gert van Niekerk says:

    How does your new sab casses look?
    Do you slab without the grey insert as I do not like the grey insert – it takes a lot of attention away from the coin. I like the teeth that holds the coin.

  2. joseph oese says:

    this is wonderfull

  3. Christo Grobler says:

    Wonderful, and needed in South Africa Congratulations