Black Friday 2013

BlackFridayAs you read this, the diligent bidorbuy experts are busy browsing through the enormous treasure-trove of products that is (it’s currently got almost two million listings, hey!) to find for you the best deals and feature them in a once-a-year, spectacular Black Friday sale.

Black Friday originated in the USA and is regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, with retailers competing to offer promotional sales. It always falls on a Friday (obviously), but on different dates, and in 2013 it occurs on 29 November. There are several explanations for the term “black”. The most widely accepted one is that it is called “black” because this is the day when retailers start operating at a profit (their books are in the black, as opposed to being in the red).

As for buyers on bidorbuy, 29 November 2013 and the weekend following it promise to be especially rosy, so set a reminder to visit and click on the Black Friday banner. It will be conveniently situated in the centre of our home page,, and it will lead you straight to a real treasure-trove of unbelievable deals and discounts.

See you at the bidorbuy Black Friday sale!



  1. Hope it won’t be all the “Made in China” items on sale.

    • Hi Niren, so many things we use are manufactured in China – some are good quality, some are not, and the prices as a rule reflects this. As far as this specific 2013 Black Friday sale goes, we expect to have good quality AND reasonably priced products. Still, the buyer remains responsible for doing own research and making own choices!

  2. I CANNOT WAIT!!!! Countdown has started.

    • Hi Lesego, the bidorbuy Black Friday sale will open on Friday 29 Nov 20123 at 8 am, and last all the way through Tuesday morning. Our team of experts is busy putting together the best and the most affordable. So, we trust you won’t be disappointed!

      • It’s 8AM. Where is Black Friday?

        • Hi SapAush, sorry! It takes the system (always blame the system, never admit you started a bit late… *blush, blush*…) a few minutes to serve the banner after it’s uploaded. Should be there for you now – please just refresh your page.

  3. i Was under the impression that bid-or-buy was only for private sales, how will the black Friday private sellers pricing work on bid-or-buy? Will it be influenced?

    • Hi Marius, you are right; bidorbuy is a platform where independent sellers sell directly to buyers. However, we in the bidorbuy HQ can – and do – walk an extra mile to facilitate the transactions; among other things, we looks for sellers with good ratings who sell products that are in high demand and ask them to offer significant discounts. Our category managers do their best to make sure that the discounts are really good. That is how we put together our Deal of the Week, and that is how we are putting together this Black Friday sale. If you are a buyer – we hole you’ll find it worth your while!

  4. How can we recommend an item that can go onto this list / sale? We have the rare and highly sought after 1-step looper tools (beading) in stock and we are the only shop in SA that has it on hand. Only one other place can order it in for you at double our asking price! This would be a brilliant item for the listings!

    • Hi Janet, Black Friday listings are by invitation, and one of our category managers will contact you to re. featuring your item/s.

  5. How do we go about putting our items up for sale? Or is it only for the BoB shops?

    • Hi Jacques, Black Friday is by invitation only. One of our category managers will contact you to discuss featuring your items.

  6. made in china is ok, just as long as they last

    • Hi Deta, we agree!

      • ignis Fourie says:

        One thing I know as we have a couple of stores is that everything is made in China. 98 present of all goods. Clothing ,shoes , jewellery all the name brands mostly everything. We only purchase from the dealers direct in South Africa and let me tell you everything is made there. I also have a friend that does the shopping for one of the biggest clothing and most expensive clothing stores in South Africa and she flies to China and Taiwan monthly to do their orders. Quality does differ as the components or material are imported from other countries and then just put together or made in China. Chinese items are great as long as its not the rip off’s or plastic toys.

  7. the best collections says:

    hi, will we need to pay for getting our products listed under BLACK FRIDAY SALE or it will be a random selection from your side.

    • Hi, sellers can list in Black Friday by invitation only; there is no charge for listing. One of our category managers will contact you to let you know if your items can feature.

  8. Sounds so cool!!! Will this be auctions or buy now until tuesday? If auctions will they only close on tuesday?

    • Hi Leon, since this is a sale, the items listed in Black Friday must be at a fixed price (buy-now), with the percentage of discount stated (similar to our Deal of the Week). So, no auctions!

  9. hi there – so for Sellers, do we have to list our products as normal or there is a catergory for this black friday. i want my items to be featured as well. please advise. I normally list on Crazy Fridays and Weekend specials

    • Hi Titos, the listings in BlacHi Titos, the listings in Black Friday are by invitation only. One of our category managers will contact you to let you know if your items can feature.

  10. A certain “Fake-Alot” website, claimed to have a BlackFriday last year which in my opinion was nothing short of a “Gupta” size FAIL! Please be more generous with your specials and leave us begging for more next year! ;^)

    • Our category managers are doing their best, and from what I’ve seen the deals they selected are really good. Hope you find something for you!

  11. Thomas Arnold says:

    Is this Black Friday gong to have Some Computer Components or anything specifically for gamers ? Also is it going to buy now and pay or buy now and pay later #BlackFridayFever

    • Hi Thomas Arnold, the 2013 bidorbuy Black Friday sale will feature a Digital section, and, yes, there will be something for gamers there too!

  12. i am so futunate to have been introduced to bidorbuy ,i ‘m satisfied for all the items i bought . i am now looking for 40-42 SUMSUNG PLASMA

  13. Who get invited on black Friday auction?

    • Hi Goitse, so far, about 20 sellers have been invited. They need to meet the following criteria: have good ratings; have quality products of mass consumption that are in (relatively) high demand; be willing to sell at a fixed price (buy-now); be willing to offer real discounts. So, if you think you fit the picture, you are welcome to write to our category managers at

      • No, I want to buy not sell anything. Who is allowed to buy in the black Friday?

        • Hi, everybody can buy items listed on bidorbuy, including products listed on Black Friday; you only need to be over 18, and to register as a user on the site.

  14. WhatsTheBigIdea says:

    I don’t know what the problem is with stuff being made in China. Don’t stereotype…alot of quality stuff is made their. iPhones are made in China but you don’t mind paying 8 grand for it do you?

  15. So excited for this!!! Thank you BidorBuy 🙂 I just hope I won’t disappointed with the sale. I hope % off is a big discount. Thanks again for making this possible!

  16. what happens if i have sent a bid for an item but the same item on black friday is cheaper !!!!!

    what do we do if we win the bid ?

    • Hi Nisha, hmmm… what do you do if you buy something in any shop, and a few days down the line you see the very same item elsewhere at a lower price? (Personally, I make it a point NOT to look.) Seriously now, a bid in principle represents a legally binding contract between a buyer and a seller, and we at the bidorbuy HQ always advise buyers to think before bidding, and to honour their commitment if they win an auction.

  17. Im so excited and have been looking out since 6am this morning. I have been buying on bid or buy for years (bought over 100 items already) and have ALWAYS been very happy with items and bid or buy service. I hope i can get some really good deals today.

  18. Hi, your instructions above suggest that on , when i click on the black Friday banner it will redirect me to the sales for this event. But when i click on the link it still brings me back to this blog. Could you please let us know at what time the black Friday deals will be available and what to do to get to them?

    Thank you

    • Talk about early birds… Apologies to you, Evrard, we thought that 8(-ish) AM is a reasonable time, but it looks like we should have opened Black Friday at about one minute past midnight. Anyway, the banner now points to the actual sale!