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bidorbuy buyer protectionThe new, enhanced bidorbuy Buyer Protection Programme came into effect on 22 September 2014.

If you looked carefully (as we are sure you have), you would have noticed this new bit of content: buyer-protection at the top left of every page of

And if that’s too subtle for you, we opened a plethora of green umbrellas and positioned them strategically on banners throughout the site. (Sample image included here.)

All that to draw your attention to this page and the fact that we have improved significantly the buyer protection programme that bidorbuy as a company offers to buyers.

As our CEO Jaco Jonker says in this press release, we “take it upon ourselves to make things right for every buyer in the unlikely event that the seller does not ship the item purchased on the site, or ships an item that is materially different.”

A very small percentage of purchases made on the site ends badly, but if it ever happens to you it is good to know that you are covered. So, be sure to read:

Peruse them all and go on shopping on bidorbuy, confident in the knowledge that we’ve got you covered!


  1. I will never buy anything on this site again, the seller did not tell me of Post office strike until after I paid, and Bid or Buy will do nothing after 7 weeks of waiting for something I will now never receive because the Post office is in proses of closing down.

    • Hi M Swart, so sorry you had such an unpleasant experience! The seller would not have been able to tell you about the strike until after you’ve made the order, because he (or she) would not have had access to your details. Unfortunately, if the seller already sent the item, there is nothing to do except wait. If the seller had not sent the item yet, perhaps you could contact him (or her) and arrange for the item to be couriered, thought that would probably entail a higher shipping fee?

      Currently, many other buyers are in the same boat. Neither bidorbuy nor the sellers can do anything about the strike; that is totally out of our control…

    • M Swart Don’t waste your time, at the end this seems seller protection and not buyers protection.

      • Hi Angel, we at bidorbuy can assure you that this is a genuine and honest endeavour on our part to grant buyers extra protection and peace of mind when they shop on the site. Of course, since bidorbuy is a marketplace where buyers buy directly from independent sellers, buyers need to do their research (on prices, shipping charges, ratings and feedback) before making an order. In return, they are given the power to choose from different sellers and a great variety of products, many of which can be purchased at a lower price than elsewhere. Please read more about how to buy on bidorbuy.

  2. I WILL NEVER BUY on this site again, bought a product, within 5 month twice being repair, all they said its …. nothing we can do, still under warranty If the problem continue bring it again for repair……. no new product neither money back…. CONSTUMER CARE, make me waste one and half month of my time and at the end the only affected with the faulty product its me.

    • Hi Angelica, so sorry you had a bad experience shopping on bidorbuy! Thousands of sellers sell on our platform; the majority of them are excellent sellers, who really care about giving top customer service. True, different sellers have different terms and conditions, especially regarding warranties and guaranties. However, all of them have to abide by the Consumer Protection Act and by the rules governing the use of the bidorbuy platform.

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