Spot a shark


Doesn’t it feel great when you do something good for someone else? A good deed is a feeling no one can explain, but something you can definitely feel. bidorbuy proudly supports a number of charities by offering a platform where they can sell their items. All proceeds then go to the charity in question.


One of these charities is Shark Spotters. Founded in 2004, Shark Spotters created a unique shark conservation programme that aims to reduce any conflict between recreational water users (humans) and sharks, thereby ensuring the safety of all as well as supporting the conservation of white sharks, a threatened species.


Not only does this programme protect recreational water users and the sharks, it also creates jobs and implements skills development for disadvantaged groups. Shark Spotters is involved in environmental education, collects statistical information regarding shark sightings and provides awareness to the public about shark appearances.


Over 2030 shark sightings have been recorded since the organisation was founded. The most recent sighting of sharks was  on 22 December 2016 in Glencairn, Western Cape.


bidorbuy’s charity page currently includes a number of breathtaking underwater photographs that range from exotic coral to majestic snapshots of sharks and other underwater creatures. Any one of these stunning photos will cost you R750, of which all proceeds go to the Shark Spotters organisation. Not only are you contributing to a fantastic charity, you also get to own a beautiful piece of art to remind you of your good deed!


Give a little, make a big difference.


If you wish to stay updated, follow @SharkSpotters on Twitter or like their page on Facebook to stay updated with the latest shark sightings. Take a look at a few incredible photographs below.


Curious Seal by Graham Fenwick

Diver and the Reef by Geoff Spiby

Big Red Jelly by Jean Tresfon

Raggie Mouth by Steve Benjamin