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The ten imperial commandments

An exciting, rare piece of war memorabilia has recently been posted up on the bidorbuy site.

Veggie patch for autumn

There are few things more fulfilling than picking up and eating the freshest and tastiest crop, the one that you grew yourself.

Property 2013

Buying? Selling? Consider the bidorbuy property section.

Gadget of the week: Smart cameras

Recently there has been yet another development in the world of digital cameras, the arrival of next generation smart cameras. Smart cameras posses all the same features as the rest of their not-so-smart companions, with a few new key features.

Kitchen, so pretty

Vintage items add charm to a modern kitchen.

Which TV to watch?

An explanation of Plasma, LED & LCD Televisions and their different advantages and disadvantages

Kruger Rands

Kruger Rands are an excellent way to invest in gold.

Proteas, indigenous plants of South Africa

The national flower of South Africa and most spectacular plant of our local flora, the Protea – a review brought to you by Seeds for Africa.