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SEO tips for online sellers


This blog post aims to explain the concept of SEO in simple terms and also provide online sellers with some useful tips they can use to optimise their SEO.

Black Friday tips for online sellers


The purpose of this blog is to give you some background about Black Friday and where it comes from, as well as some useful tips for sellers.

Going mobile


We aim to explore the purpose of going mobile as well as delve into the reasons why having a mobile presence is so important for business growth.

Social commerce, what is it?


This blog post will delve into the four main benefits of social commerce for your business, whether traditional or online.

The pros and cons of drop shipping


This blog post aims to explore the disadvantages as well as the advantages of implementing drop shipping into a business environment.

Current state of ecommerce in South Africa


We look at the effects of ecommerce as well as the trends that are likely to influence ecommerce in South Africa.

The importance of good packaging


A very important aspect of overall business success stems from excellent packaging, especially in the ecommerce world.

Ecommerce trends for 2017


It’s a new year and another chance to tackle the ecommerce world; we take a look at trends for 2017.