The bidorbuy #EasterFaves competition

We want to know your #EasterFaves and what you love doing at this time of the year. By sharing your favourite Easter moments, you could win a R500 bobBucks voucher!

Say hello to bobBucks!

With over three million listings on bidorbuy, bobBucks give you a world of choice. And because they’re valid for 3 years, you can use them whenever you’re ready to shop.

Better listings, bigger sales!

The trick to writing a great product description on bidorbuy is to make sure it grabs the attention of our millions of buyers – and has the keywords you need to get noticed.

Bid & Win with bidorbuy this March

If you’ve not yet tried your hand at bidding, this is your chance to have a ball, score a deal and be entered into our grand prize draw where you could win yourself a R5 000 bobBucks voucher!

bidorbuy Promotions

Did you know that there are several paid promotion events on bidorbuy where you can list your items? We explore them in-depth and highlight some features about them that you might not have known.

Make the most of every moment

Retail events are those times of the year like Valentine’s Day or Halloween when people spend more, and so do we – to support your online sales!

Live a little and bring the luxury back

A little luxury is a wonderful thing, so treat yourself to spoils that you can eat, drink, and enjoy in the bath with the best luxury items from bidorbuy.

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