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Find what you love using advanced search

Type in what you are searching for, then refine your search by using our various filters such as item location, price, condition and so much more.


A not-so-new bidorbuyer recently complained bitterly because, according to him, it was not possible to search for his favourite sellers on the site. Reluctant as we are to contradict our users, sometimes we simply have to. The “search for sellers” has been part and parcel of bidorbuy since times immemorial. It is currently housed in […]

Clue seven, and the going gets easy

Clue number seven in the bidorbuy Win an iPad competition is now public. Find it in the bidorbuy Twitter page (it will be marked with the #winipad hashtag). Then take the clue seven, together with the six previous ones, to the bidorbuy Advanced Search. This competition has been strongly biased in favour of Advanced Search. […]

Clue number four gets complex

Finally, this blog comes into its own. For clues number one, two and three in the bidorbuy Win an iPad Competition, this platform has been used merely as a support mechanism, helping you decipher the (you have to admit it) already easy clues. Now that we have the privilege of calling the shots, we shan’t […]

Clue number two narrows it down

One bidorbuyer with mathematical leanings calculated that, armed with the first clue, you need to sift through 296,040 (give or take a few) listings to find the one that may lead you to winning an iPod in the bidorbuy competition. After solving the riddle number one, complains the said bidorbuyer, I found 7,401 pages of […]

Clue number one is out

And the treasure hunt for the mystery listing on bidorbuy is on! The first in the series of clues which will lead you to the mystery item listed on bidorbuy (and, perchance, to your very own iPad) has been posted on the Forum pages. It is suitably easy. Visit the Forum Win an iPad thread […]

Little things make a big difference

As of about now (midday, 6 July 2010), bidorbuyers are free to make use of one more convenience on the site, courtesy of our diligent developers. In the bad old days, when you wanted to do an advanced search, for example for sellers, you had to slide your mouse over the Advanced Search link, click […]