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Your top 5 enhancements questions

Enhancements allow you to promote or advertise your product on bidorbuy. However, there are several questions on how best to use enhancements to reach customers and make more sales. Here are the most frequently asked questions about enhancements.

Advertise on bidorbuy

bidorbuy has opened its pages for those sellers who want to advertise their merchandise on the site.

One in a million…?

…or do you think it’s easier than that to find the perfect star for the upcoming bidorbuy TV ad? Check out the requirements and let us know if you happen to spot the perfect candidate: (Please also see footnote.)

UbuntuDeal is on!

You may say it is the exact opposite of bidorbuy. While bidorbuy enables local merchants, individuals or businesses, to sell online to geographically distant buyers, UbuntuDeal brings online audiences to local merchants. UbuntuDeal is based on the power of collective buying. A participating merchant agrees to give a heavy discount for a restaurant meal, spa […]

You, bidorbuy and Web 2.0

As an online seller, you cannot afford to ignore the power of social networks, because promoting your business through Web 2.0 can bring more than traditional advertising. For many small businesses, social networking is a primary, and sometimes the only way to build awareness and visibility and generate leads. And, best of all, it is […]

A seller and a bidorbuy fan

bidorbuy sellers would do well to frequent the bidorbuy fan page on Facebook. Firstly, for the obvious reasons. You can turn the bidorbuy fan page to your advantage by advertising yourself there. Many sellers already do it. When you post a link to an item you sell on bidorbuy or to your bidorbuy seller’s profile […]

And then there were twelve

We are talking about advertising spots in bidorbuy Crazy Wednesday newsletter. From next week, the newsletter will have twelve instead of eight spots. Sellers will be limited to two spots in any specific newsletter (up to now the limit was four). The aim is to showcase a wider variety of goods for the benefit of […]

Why use bidorbuy enhanced listing options

The more suspicious among you will say: aye, they are promoting them only because they make money out of them! True, enhanced listings are one of sources of income for bidorbuy. And true again, one of the reasons we want you, the bidorbuy seller, to make use of the enhanced listing options is because we want […]