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How to use bidorbuy Pick Lists

Uploading your products using a Bulkload CSV file is a great way to list many products in bulk. One way to easily create this file is by using the bidorbuy Pick List functionality.

Vote for bidorbuy

Please vote for bidorbuy as your favourite ecommerce site in the eCommerce Awards 2014.

BlackBerry 10 Launch Event

bidorbuy was fortunate enough to be part of the global BlackBerry 10 launch event where the bidorbuy Shopping App for BlackBerry 10 Devices was featured. The BlackBerry Z10, a full touch-screen device, and the BlackBerry Q10, a device with a physical keyboard and touch screen were also launched at the event.

Revamp for bidorbuy

It seems to be the season for it. Everyone is digging, fixing, re-doing, renovating. Take my drive from home to work. Short as it is, it involves navigating over exactly three freshly dug ditches. Every now and then a geyser materialises too, spewing water, soil and smaller pieces of Earth’s rocky layer onto the road. […]