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From bidorbuy into history

The last VW Citi fetched 2.644 times its nominal retail price The auction for Volkswagen Citi Mk1 (Limited Edition) promised to be extraordinary the moment it opened on the morning of 3 November with the starting bid of R1. However, no one could have predicted that the car with the stated retail price of R113,500 […]

An auction rare and wonderful

This is your last chance to own one of the last Volkswagen Citi Golf MK1 cars ever made. The auction for this limited edition legendary car opened today on bidorbuy at R1 and will close on 23 November. All proceeds are for Ubuntu Education Fund. A quarter of a century is a long time for […]

Car lit

It saw the light of the day only a few weeks ago. And yet, the new bidorbuy car lit section is already close to 1,500 items strong. The car books, manuals and literature section caters not only for cars, but also for other thing that go vroom. With books and manuals acquired there you can […]

Music, when you are on the go

The spring will be upon us in the blink of an eye, and you know what that means: it is time to equip your person with the latest and the most coveted portable entertainment gadgets. Judging by the top-searched keywords on bidorbuy, iPod holds the fort as the most desirable portable thingy magigy. It seems […]

Buy your car with a mouse

All Thursdays in July are booked by sellers eager to try their luck on one day, one rand bidorbuy car auctions. The bidorbuy sellers seem more and more inclined to risk it all and put their cars on R1, no reserve auctions. The R1, no reserve auction means that the seller has to let go […]

Luxury personified

The second-hand BMW 745Li that is being auctioned on bidorbuy tomorrow, 11 June 20069, boasts a list of traits a limo would not be ashamed of – like navigation system, TV, CD player and radio. Add to that features like sunroof, suction doors and sensual tan leather seats, couple it with what the seller terms […]

Baby blues and pinks

The current economic downturn has brought about a slowdown in spending all over the spectrum of goods and services. That is as expected. However, some have noticed a discordant rise in demand for baby clothes, nappies, bottles, prams and other similar items. The explanation, they say, is simple: since people cannot afford other channels of […]

2004 Mercedes C200 on one rand, one day auction

Mercedes C class is one of those instantly recognisable models. That is the vehicle that goes under the virtual hammer on bidorbuy on Thursday 9 April. The auction opens at 9 a.m. and closes about 3 p.m. Bidding starts from R1 and there is no reserve. In other words, the seller has to let the […]