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Is your cell phone smart?

Before we answer the question posed in the title, let’s see what patterns we can divine from the bidorbuy Cell phones and Smartphones category. The supply side: Yesterday, there were more than 6000 cell phones and smartphones of 22 different makes listed for sale on bidorbuy. By far the most numerous were Other Cell Phones […]

Awe them with amazing images

The month of May is (partially) devoted to photography on bidorbuy. In that name, let’s banish blurry, crooked, and plain bad images from the site. But how? Here are ten tips: Use a digital camera (as opposed to your cell phone camera). It does not have to be an expensive piece of equipment. An under-R1000 […]

Take a survey (there may be something in it for you)

Donate a few minutes of your time, and help a researcher complete his doctoral thesis! Jacques Nel is doing a doctoral thesis in Marketing at Stellenbosch University. As part of his thesis, he needs to find out how South Africans feel about internet and cell phone banking.  And who better to participate in his online […]

Outbid the competition on the go

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had a coveted item snatched before our very nose for a few Rands only (to add insult to injury), just because some annoying prior commitment yanked us from our computer at the crucial moment. Well, you need not suffer being outbid by default ever again. Subscribe to the bidorbuy […]

PayPal and M-Pesa in South Africa

After a long lull, South Africans are being bombarded with two break-trough solutions in the area of payment options. First, in the middle of March 2010, FNB announced the introduction of PayPal to South African market. This will enable South Africans to not only make online payments to anywhere in the world via PayPal (they […]

Brace yourself for RICA

First we had FICA, now we have RICA. Under FICA, I was separated from my own money, safely (or so I thought!) entrusted to my bank. It took about a week of frenzied re-submitting (yes, re-submitting!!) of all the paperwork to reunite me with my cash. Naturally, by then I was visibly emaciated (you know […]

The tale of two buyers

A healthy doze of caution is necessary whenever money changes hands, and buyers will do well to heed the bidorbuy Buying Safety Tips Imagine the scene. A bidorbuy buyer, happy to have won a bid, is eager to finalise the transaction. He is at his computer processing the payment. He had already entered the seller’s […]

Bidding on the go

You have an Internet-enabled cell phone. You are a registered bidorbuy user. There is nothing to stop you from merging the two to start bidding and buying on bidorbuy from your cell phone We have recently been inundated with news that a well-known auction site (not bidorbuy; the other one) is launching a new mobile […]