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Accent furniture and fittings

Need a quick change? Add an accent fitting Changing the handles on your doors, cupboards and drawers is a simple way to spruce up a room, and it takes very little DIY. Look through our sleek and modern designs, or vintage handles for a more rustic feel to go with your current décor. Experiment with textures […]

Mastering the colour wheel

Shopping decisions are often based on visual effect, most notably the colour. When you as bidorbuy seller set about choosing the colour palette for your listings, forget your personal preferences. Instead, concentrate on what kind of message a specific colour sends to the visitors of your page. Let’s examine the most commonly accepted meaning of […]

Digital cameras in every style, brand and colour

Buy point-and-shoot or SLR digital cameras, film cameras, video cameras, camcorders, lenses, filters, cases, batteries, chargers, tripods and more.

Clue eleven goes colourful

It is the colour of envy, and the only question is: will you be assuming it, or all the other participants in the bidorbuy Win an iPad Competition? Be that as it may, the clue number 11 has been made public on the bidorbuy Twitter page. You will recognise it by the words clue no. […]

Dress like a bidorbuyer

The month of October has been declared (quite arbitrarily, mind you) the month of clothing, shoes and accessories on In that name, we bring you some statistics on how the sales of clothes and related items are faring. Out of 20,103 items sold on the site in the week ending today (24 September – […]

How does your garden grow

Spring has officially started today. Celebrate this, the most beautiful season of the year by creating a breathtaking garden. Here are ten spring-time tasks from gardening gurus. Most of them do not require a lot of hard work. Fertilise and feed like a fanatic. This is the number one gardening chore in spring. Improve your […]