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Ready or not, here it comes

We announced the new Consumer Protection Act in Consumer is the king, dwelt on some aspects of it in What you see is what you get… or is it and in Grey market and the Consumer Protection Act, gave an overview of it in The Consumer Protection Act and bidorbuy Buyers and Sellers… However, judging […]

Grey market and the Consumer Protection Act

The South African grey market is – well – a grey area: it is legal, but poorly regulated. That is set to change with the new Consumer Protection Act, which comes into force on 1 April 2011. The bidorbuy sellers who rely on grey imports would do well to sit up and take note. The […]

What you see is what you get… or is it?

You’ve got to love life for being so unpredictable and uncontainable. No matter how hard you try to organise, classify, regulate things – sooner or later something unforeseen will happen, a loophole will open, a different interpretation will emerge. Recently, a heated discussion was initiated on the bidorbuy Forum about one such possible source of […]

Consumer is the king

We told you so. There it is, black on while, in the book entitled Your Guide to Buying and Selling on bidorbuy. And here is a somewhat shortened version of several points from the section entitled 85 bidorbuy Selling Tips: Treat your customers like gold. Give them quality at every level of the transaction. Your […]