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Promotions you need to know about!

There are several promotion events on bidorbuy and let’s face it, a bargain needs to be shared! We have a number of weekly promotions that can save you a few bucks.

bidorbuy Promotions

Did you know that there are several paid promotion events on bidorbuy where you can list your items? We explore them in-depth and highlight some features about them that you might not have known.

A viable way of selling art

Seller: DirksenArtGallery Name: Cherie Dirksen For the artist Cherie Dirksen it all started in 2002, when she was living in England and listing her art for sale on eBay. After moving back to her native South Africa in 2005, she ventured onto, and never looked back. She continues to sell her works on the […]

Forward to earn

All subscribers of bidorbuy Crazy Wednesday newsletter now can earn affiliate Rands by forwarding the newsletter to friends and family members. This novelty was introduced last week. It is hidden in the image links and consists of a piece of coding with the subscriber’s unique bidorbuy user number. Don’t worry; this number does not reveal […]

And then there were twelve

We are talking about advertising spots in bidorbuy Crazy Wednesday newsletter. From next week, the newsletter will have twelve instead of eight spots. Sellers will be limited to two spots in any specific newsletter (up to now the limit was four). The aim is to showcase a wider variety of goods for the benefit of […]

Marketing matters

One bidorbuy seller recently discovered the power of advertising. Chance played a big part in the event. This is how it happened. The image of a product of his appeared in one of the bidorbuy Valentine’s Day promotional emailers. These emailers do not link to the randomly selected individual products. There is only the link […]

Buy it ON bidorbuy

not FROM bidorbuy In other words, bidorbuy is not in the business of selling merchandise. We know that this is not news for you. At least, for most of you. However, we hope that this reiteration of a well-known fact will go a long way towards eliminating some pointless enquiries. For example, from people who […]

Wednesday auctions are CraZy!!!

Hey hey it’s Wednesday!!! But its not just any ordinary Wednesday, today is Crazy Wednesday on bidorbuy. Oh what is it that you say? You don’t know what Crazy Wednesday is? No worries, that is why I am here to explain it to you and why you should be as excited as I am. Every […]