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We and our environment

The month of June seems to be in the sign of environmental awareness: 5 June is the World Environment Day, and 8 June is the World Oceans Day.

Getting good and dirty in your 4×4

Did you know that in some countries there are whole movements that want to make driving a big 4×4 in a city as socially unacceptable as – gasp! – wearing real fur? Those big things on four wheels (4×4 opponents say) consume loads of petrol, emit oodles of fumes, take up more parking space than […]

Discs for your garden

For the vegetable gardener, warm days signal the return of that old nemesis: the ravenous birds.  From now on, it’s a race between you and them. And the prize is getting to eat all those juicy, yummy crops that you planted with your own hands, perhaps from the seeds bought on bidorbuy. Alas, the race […]

Spring makes us do the strangest things

If you start feeling an irresistible urge to clean out your cupboards, stretch skyward, embrace the sun, fly a kite, or smell a flower, do it. Spring is in the air, and spring makes us (and our fellow creatures) do the strangest things. bidorbuy too gave in to the urge to do something special to […]

Earth Hour 2011

Make a note to switch off your light on Saturday 26 March at 8:30 PM and keep them off for one hour. You will be a part of the Earth Hour, the largest voluntary action ever witnessed on our planet. It all started in 2007, when a group of people in Sydney, Australia decided that […]

Sports fans and memorabilia

South Africans are crazy about sports, whether as participants or (more often?) as spectators. And there is only one step from a sports fan to the collector of sporting memorabilia. Whether you’re a professional or hobbyist collector, collecting sports memorabilia is an incredible way of preserving great sports moments in history. Sports enthusiasts go to […]

We depend on you

Help us weed out fraud on bidorbuy and stand a chance of having R500 credited to your bidorbuy account Early this morning bidorbuy got an urgent call. Steven, a seller of about two years standing, phoned to warn us about a suspicious listing. Two minutes later, the listing was suspended and messages were dispatched to […]

On the concerns of a newbie

Just the other day, one of the bidorbuy  seasoned customer support ladies got a phone call that almost made her fall off her chair. As soon as the caller rang off, she recounted the conversation to the rest of us. The call was from a seller concerned about the destiny of the products he intended […]