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Update your winter wardrobe with StyleMode

We are proud to introduce StyleMode, a brand new clothing and fashion store on bidorbuy. With an array of clothes, accessories and shoes for men and women, StyleMode offers items that are on-trend and super-affordable.

Must-have winter essentials

If you wait long enough, everything comes back into fashion eventually. Just look at tracksuits, Bitcoin and Kim Kardashian.

Discs for your garden

For the vegetable gardener, warm days signal the return of that old nemesis: the ravenous birds.  From now on, it’s a race between you and them. And the prize is getting to eat all those juicy, yummy crops that you planted with your own hands, perhaps from the seeds bought on bidorbuy. Alas, the race […]

A timeless favourite

Ladies’ watches, gents’ watches, designer watches, fashion watches, sports watches: bidorbuy has the watch for every wrist.

Welcome to 1970 – pardon, 2010 fashion

One of the great unresolved philosophical questions is about the nature of time: is it linear or circular? As far as fashion is concerned, the dilemma does not exist. In this sphere of human activities, we can assume with a high degree of certainty that what once was, will be again. In fashion, true innovators […]

Sex and the City on bidorbuy

The last time we checked, there were about ninety Sex and the City related items on sale on bidorbuy. That number may go up soon, because the intrepid foursome clad in designer wear is coming to the big screen (again). Sex and the City 2 opens worldwide on Thursday, 27 May. The TV show Sex […]

From bidorbuy to you

You may have felt somewhat strapped for cash lately. Take comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone. According to this Survey on Consumer Purchasing Priorities, 43 percent of South African consumers are looking to spend less over the next six months. When asked how they plan to allocate their dwindled budgets, South Africans […]