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Movember: The month of the moustache

On the first of November clean shaven men from all around the world participated in raising awareness for men’s health.

Save your eyes

More and more people suffer from digital eye strain. Read on to find out how to reduce your risk.

(Don’t) peel that apple

…and other contradictory, confusing and inconsistent healthy eating tips involving cucumbers, eggs, chocolate, coconut oil, etc. Plus, one occasion when peeling an apple may be a good idea.

The importance of personal touch

Seller : spyguy Name: Tony and Teresa Rodrigues When did you start selling on bidorbuy? The company was set up in March 2005 as a traditional, “real-world” enterprise. In March 2007 I needed to increase my income and came across the website I listed a pair of binoculars to try out selling on a […]

What’s trendy in health and beauty

The answer to the question in the title could not be easier. Health and beauty are always trendy, and everything is trendy in health and beauty. The experts agree that the never-ending quest for beauty and perfection bodes well for the health and beauty sector, even in the midst of an economic crisis. Here are […]

Hearty and healthy braai

Summer is traditionally the braai time. However, the traditional South African braai can be one of the unhealthiest eating experiences. It does not have to be like that. As long as you keep meat portions moderate (about the size of your palm); stick to whole-wheat breads and rolls; serve salads without fatty dressings; and add […]

Gardening, a hobby for health and longevity

A hobby is not only a way to pass the time. It is a rewarding way to pass the time.  Reward-wise, one of the best hobbies around is gardening. Firstly, because it is a pleasure to watch things grow. Secondly, because gardening will add years to your life. Working with soil gives the gardener a […]

Tipping the scales of beauty

Clever people can go on saying clever things about how inner beauty is the real beauty and more important than outer beauty. You and I will wisely nod in consent and continue to do our utmost to improve the way we look on the outside. September being the beginning of spring and the month devoted […]