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What to do with year-end bonus

Before that money burns a hole in your pocket, find out what experts say are the best ways to use your bonus.

Alternative heating solutions

Heating your home this winter doesn’t have to bankrupt you. Take a look at our winter warmer tips for this chilly season.

New year, new home

If you have started 2012 with a new house, enjoy it, and don’t let all the opportunities associated with the new home and the new year slip through your fingers.

Property icons

A little while ago we wrote about improved search on bidorbuy, especially in the Property category. Today, bidorbuy introduced another enhancement designed to make search for property faster and easier: icons. The icons are useful because they give a great deal of relevant information to prospective buyers in a very small space, helping them to […]

The ease of search

When you are looking for a specific item, you want to find it, and you want to find it now, right? That is why we are constantly working to make it easy for you to land spot-on that proverbial needle in the haystack made up from 850,000 plus (and growing) products and services listed on […]

Home is… where you click your mouse

Looking for a place to call your own? It can be an apartment, a house, a townhouse, a farm, or a stand. It can be located among the rolling hills of Mpumalanga, in the bustling Gauteng, next to the Atlantic Ocean or the Pacific Ocean. Take your pick. You will find it all on bidorbuy, […]

A seller and a bidorbuy fan

bidorbuy sellers would do well to frequent the bidorbuy fan page on Facebook. Firstly, for the obvious reasons. You can turn the bidorbuy fan page to your advantage by advertising yourself there. Many sellers already do it. When you post a link to an item you sell on bidorbuy or to your bidorbuy sellerâ€s profile […]

Tis the time to re-sell Christmas gifts

You probably do as I do after every Christmas: you go through the gifts you received and sort them into two piles: gifts that you will use go into the pile number one, and gifts that you have no use for go into pile number two. It is my belief, hitherto unchallenged, that family members […]