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Larry wins the iPad

In the beginning, LarryZN from Kwa Zulu Natal had little hope that he would be the one to win an iPad in the bidorbuy competition. Mostly because the first few clues had left him – clueless.  However, his chances improved considerably as the competition unrolled and the clues got easier. Larry joined bidorbuy on 22 […]

Clue twelve for the workshy

Yes, even those of you who were too lazy to follow the instructions laid out in the blog post Roadmap to winning an iPad get a chance with clue number 12. Our mystery listing, which may (or may not) lead you to winning an iPad, is immensely popular, so paying a visit to the What […]

Clue eleven goes colourful

It is the colour of envy, and the only question is: will you be assuming it, or all the other participants in the bidorbuy Win an iPad Competition? Be that as it may, the clue number 11 has been made public on the bidorbuy Twitter page. You will recognise it by the words clue no. […]

Clue nine is a fine one

And clue number nine is fine mainly because it narrows down the number of items to sift through to only 196 (give or take a few). No moaning and groaning please: 196 listings is nothing in comparison to almost 500,000 items currently listed on bidorbuy. Besides, you have the whole weekend before you! Find clue […]

Clue six marks half the way

Well, we take our collective hat off to you. Four treasure hunters in the Win an iPad Competition have already managed to discover the mystery listing! The rest of you – courage, guys! You are half way there, and from now on thing get easier and easier, because more and more items are eliminated. Find […]