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Property icons

A little while ago we wrote about improved search on bidorbuy, especially in the Property category. Today, bidorbuy introduced another enhancement designed to make search for property faster and easier: icons. The icons are useful because they give a great deal of relevant information to prospective buyers in a very small space, helping them to […]

Roadmap to winning an iPad

The bidorbuy Win an iPad Competition is entering its final stage. With the eleven clues we gave you so far, you are certain to land on the mystery listing. Let us re-cap. First, ignore the clue number 2. You will not need it, because it has been supplanted by the clue number 7. Take the […]

Clue six marks half the way

Well, we take our collective hat off to you. Four treasure hunters in the Win an iPad Competition have already managed to discover the mystery listing! The rest of you – courage, guys! You are half way there, and from now on thing get easier and easier, because more and more items are eliminated. Find […]

Clue number four gets complex

Finally, this blog comes into its own. For clues number one, two and three in the bidorbuy Win an iPad Competition, this platform has been used merely as a support mechanism, helping you decipher the (you have to admit it) already easy clues. Now that we have the privilege of calling the shots, we shan’t […]

Clue number three is tweeting to you

We decided to be generous today and mete out two clues in our Win an iPad Competition. To get the clue number three (on the winding path leading to the mystery item that may land an iPad in your hands) you need to solve the riddle tweeted on the bidorbuy Twitter page. (Tip number one: […]

A seller and a bidorbuy fan

bidorbuy sellers would do well to frequent the bidorbuy fan page on Facebook. Firstly, for the obvious reasons. You can turn the bidorbuy fan page to your advantage by advertising yourself there. Many sellers already do it. When you post a link to an item you sell on bidorbuy or to your bidorbuy seller’s profile […]

Flip 'em the right way

We’ve said it before. We’ll keep saying it for as long as there is even one poor image in a bidorbuy listing. So, here it is: A decent image is the best sales pitch you can make for your item. We have all heard the phrase: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This is […]

Oh, the memories!

Memorabilia (from Latin, memorable) is an object that is treasured for its memories. Memorabilia are valued for a connection to a historical event, culture or entertainment. (Source: Wikipedia). The beauty of collecting memorabilia is that the memories do not even have to be your own: it is quite legitimate to collect other people’s memories. And […]