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Grammy Awards 2013

The biggest names in the global music industry came together at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards held in Hollywood on 10 February.

The music smarts

You’ve probably heard about the so-called Mozart effect, which claims that exposure to classical music has a beneficial effect on brain. No need to go and buy everything Mozart ever composed, except for the pure pleasure of listening. In early 90ties, after a long and heated struggle, scientist seem to have definitely proven that listening […]

Music, when you are on the go

The spring will be upon us in the blink of an eye, and you know what that means: it is time to equip your person with the latest and the most coveted portable entertainment gadgets. Judging by the top-searched keywords on bidorbuy, iPod holds the fort as the most desirable portable thingy magigy. It seems […]

The sound of selling

Music makes everything seem better, but there may be several disadvantages to including audio files in your bidorbuy listings We are thrilled to have such inventive sellers on bidorbuy. This one included a music file in his (or her) listing. As far as we in bidorbuy are concerned, welcoming the visitors to your listing with […]

Spotted on bidorbuy: The Wheel and the Rooster

Spin your yarn, sit in a French Bergere wingback chair, listen to the music out of a jukebox and feed your rooster. Then contribute your bit for charity by bidding on Mario Frangoulis CD You do not have to be a Sleeping Beauty to appreciate the beauty of this spinning wheel, up for grabs on […]

Feel good about yourself

Bid generously on Mario Frangoulis†Music of the Night CD and DVD set, because all the proceeds go to the charity of your choice. Brought to you by bidorbuy and Classic fM It is a matter of simple mathematics. The official fact number one says that music makes you feel good. The official fact number […]

A toe tapping track fetches a pretty penny

Alan Strydom has scratched his way to this weekâ€s R5000 Crazy For Cash weekly prize by producing a toe tapping bidorbuy track. The track entitled bidorbuy Auction Addiction got the judges†feet stomping as soon as the beat started pumping. With a story scratched into the base line there was no denying this track its […]

A true display of "Engaging with the bidorbuy brand" wins them R5k!

In this week’s Crazy For Cash competition, Bradley Ruth and Rodney Louw have just picked themselves up the next R5,000 prize for their display of how they “engaged”….”married”….”had twin babies” etc… with the bidorbuy brand.There wasn’t a dull moment for the bidorbuy star of this music video entitled ‘Because bidorbuy loved me’ – based on […]