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We can be stronger, together

We know a lot of small, local businesses are taking real strain during the lockdown – and probably will be even after it’s lifted. At bidorbuy, we’re all about creating communities – and small businesses are at the heart of every community.

Covid19 Update

The current coronavirus situation is unprecedented, and has already caused disruption to the way we all work, socialize and shop. Despite this disruption, we continue to stand by our first principles: doing our best to care for all members of the bidorbuy community.

iPhone 5s on Deal of the Week

This might be one of the first appearances of iPhone 5s in South Africa.

Ask bidorbuy

The Ask bidorbuy functionality is powered by nanoRep. This customer support software aims to give instant replies to the most frequently asked questions.

Revamp for bidorbuy

It seems to be the season for it. Everyone is digging, fixing, re-doing, renovating. Take my drive from home to work. Short as it is, it involves navigating over exactly three freshly dug ditches. Every now and then a geyser materialises too, spewing water, soil and smaller pieces of Earth’s rocky layer onto the road. […]