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Learn to earn

bidorbuy is currently in the top sellers’ mode. Basically, that means that our representatives are touring main centres and honouring (with choice dining and wining, plus a certificate) those sellers who managed to make the most of the bidorbuy trading platform during the past year. You will learn the names of the three top bidorbuy […]

From bidorbuy into history

The last VW Citi fetched 2.644 times its nominal retail price The auction for Volkswagen Citi Mk1 (Limited Edition) promised to be extraordinary the moment it opened on the morning of 3 November with the starting bid of R1. However, no one could have predicted that the car with the stated retail price of R113,500 […]

What do the children eat

Not books, for sure. And yet, books are directly responsible for feeding children – the books sold on bidorbuy by the seller who goes under the username Books Etc, to be precise. Selling books on bidorbuy is only one of numerous fund-raising drives that Childrenâ€s Feeding Trust regularly undertakes. This organisation currently provides the funds […]