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Spend some time with Recent Buys

Thanks to one nifty analytics tool (sorry, we’re not telling you which one – you know how it is, no free advertising), we have discovered that you, our valued bidorbuyers, are under-utilising the Recent Buys section. How so?! Recent Buys is a wonderful research tool. Just to remind you, it contains all the products that […]

Last week on bidorbuy

Exactly 13,633 items were sold on bidorbuy in the week beginning at three o’clock in the afternoon on 11 June and ending at half-past eight in the morning on 18 June 2009. Per category, the register looks like this: Stamps category leads with 2,401 items, followed by Jewellery & Watches (1,316), Coins & Notes (1,148) […]

Recently won and bought on bidorbuy

Exactly 12,874 items have been sold on bidorbuy during the past week. They are listed in the Recently Won & Bought section. Both sellers and buyers will find it worth their while to browse though the merchandise listed there. If you are a seller, the Recently Won & Bought tells you what others are selling […]