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Spend some time with Recent Buys

Thanks to one nifty analytics tool (sorry, we’re not telling you which one – you know how it is, no free advertising), we have discovered that you, our valued bidorbuyers, are under-utilising the Recent Buys section. How so?! Recent Buys is a wonderful research tool. Just to remind you, it contains all the products that […]

Mystery item, not pig in a poke

A pig in a poke is an English idiom that refers to a purchase “sight unseen”, without inspecting the item. When describing the same type of transaction, most Indo-European languages refer to a cat in a bag (or a sack). Only a few others – among them Swedish, Estonian and Finish – talk about pigs. […]

You and making money online

The internet provides many money-earning options. As you will discover as soon as you start searching, the problem is not in the availability of offers. The problem is that there are too many of them, some promising you thousands of Rands (or dollars, as the case may be) for no effort at all. How do […]