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Scam-free holiday season

The festive season is the time of general goodwill and shopping sprees. It is also the time when internet criminals of all kinds increase their efforts to separate you from your personal details and your money. Though such scams occur all year round, scammers prey extra forcefully on people’s generosity and vulnerabilities at this time […]

Brace yourself for RICA

First we had FICA, now we have RICA. Under FICA, I was separated from my own money, safely (or so I thought!) entrusted to my bank. It took about a week of frenzied re-submitting (yes, re-submitting!!) of all the paperwork to reunite me with my cash. Naturally, by then I was visibly emaciated (you know […]

Less haste, more speed

As many of us are leaving for our holiday destinations during the course of this weekend, the thought of those on the roads with vehicles filled to the brim with our possessions, the most important of these, the most precious cargo in your vehicles are you and your family members. Distracted by the excitement and […]

Sensible payment options

How to select a payment method you can trust When it comes to online shopping, no matter what the scare is, or how dubious the scandal, online transactions are here to stay and rightly so. In times where we have to find time to make time to have time, to spend more time, time is […]