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Losing bidder? Do NOT pay before reading this!

A new simple and clever phishing scam is has been unleashed onto the cyber space. Read on to learn how to recognise and avoid it.

Read this, so you don’t become a victim

One bidorbuyer awoke yesterday to yet another phishing attack directed against South Africa’s largest online marketplace. He received an email message that looked like the real thing. In his own words, the message immediately plunged him into a state of anxiety. No wonder. The fake bidorbuy message warned him that he has violated site policies […]

How to spot a scam

Recently – well, to be exact, today – a Facebook user posted this message on the bidorbuy Wall on Facebook, and we quote exactly: “People, PLEEEASE STAY AWAY FROM BID OR BUY. Nigerian scam. Ive lost money through a scam of the so called Smiths. Stay away from this site.“ An unpleasant experience, especially such […]

Phishing attack posing as a warning

It is difficult to differentiate between various kinds of scum and say which one is worse than the other. Still, it is probably safe to say that the most dangerous internet scam is the one that poses as a solution. It comes in various forms. It can be a malicious code posing as anti-virus software […]

Do NOT send money!

An attempt at defrauding a buyer was recently brought to the attention of the bidorbuy customer support team. The scam works like this: a seller lists an attractive item,  in this case, a temptingly priced car in the classified section. When an interested visitor responds to the classified ad, he receives a letter that purports […]

You and making money online

The internet provides many money-earning options. As you will discover as soon as you start searching, the problem is not in the availability of offers. The problem is that there are too many of them, some promising you thousands of Rands (or dollars, as the case may be) for no effort at all. How do […]

The tale of two buyers

A healthy doze of caution is necessary whenever money changes hands, and buyers will do well to heed the bidorbuy Buying Safety Tips Imagine the scene. A bidorbuy buyer, happy to have won a bid, is eager to finalise the transaction. He is at his computer processing the payment. He had already entered the sellerâ€s […]