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Up your shipping game with bidorbuy Shipping

Integrating with uAfrica through bidorbuy Shipping lets you offer a great shipping experience to your customers – and can save you time and money.

Buyers love uAfrica shipping

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We have been urging sellers to offer uAfrica shipping for a while now. We wrote a blog post on uAfrica fulfilment, an article about activating the uAfrica shipping option, and an article on the finer points of using uAfrica shipping. Turns out, we have been right (no surprises there). Recently, a buyer complimented us on […]

Parcelninja warehousing and delivery

Outsource your e-commerce warehousing and delivery process to Parcelninja.

Shipping after postal rates hike

As of 1 April, South African Post Office has put up its rates well above inflation.

Top 5 seller tips for Christmas

Selling on bidorbuy

The top 5 seller tips during Christmas time on bidorbuy. Focus on Shipping, Listing type and when you are closing over the holidays. It is imperative that sellers communicate with their suppliers and buyers to ensure everyone remains happy over the holidays.

The shipping factor

A well-defined shipping policy is of utmost importance for the smooth functioning of the bidorbuy trading platform and for your success as a seller on it.

The Post and the e-shopper

Would you like to be able to collect your parcel from a locker 24 hours a day? How about having low-cost, flat rate shipping anywhere in the country? “The Post has unveiled a raft of changes to its parcel delivery and operational structure to meet the challenge of the online shopping boom, including parcel lockers […]

Of shipping fees and brain peculiarities

You know how retailers, real as well and virtual, take advantage of the way our brain is wired to always see the price of R299 as two-hundred-something-rands, even though we know that R299 is actually about-three-hundred-rands. Separating the selling price of items listed on bidorbuy from shipping fees has nothing to do with exploiting this […]