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Win your share of R10,000 with bidorbuy

From 8 November until 9 December, we will be giving away two weekly R1000 cash prizes to spend on bidorbuy in our It’s a Jungle Out There competition. The competition will unfold in ten stages, on the Competition tab of bidorbuy page on Facebook. Every week for five weeks, we shall ask you one question […]

How to buy clothing online

This is a quick guide to help you buy clothing online. With a few tips and tricks, the wide world of online fashion is yours to take. Tips & Tricks: 1. Size Measurements Have a look at our size guide. Online sellers should give clear details about the size of the item. Often, online, these sizes […]

Not just a pretty interface

We don’t need to blow our own trumpet, but, from time to time, we simply like to do it. This time, we have good grounds for a hearty self-pat on the shoulder. Even bidorbuyers who always dislike change love the new design of bidorbuy. And what’s not to like. The new look is slick and […]

2010 was in the sign of…

According to the Chinese zodiac, the year 2010 was in the sign of the tiger. And indeed it was, at least judging by the media excitement surrounding the escape of the pet tiger named Panjo and the subsequent happy reunion with his adoptive human family. For several weeks in mid-2010, Panjo was the most popular […]

Wide range of attractive kitchen appliances

Whether you are looking for small kitchen appliances or for big kitchen appliances, you will get more for your money when you shop on bidorbuy.

Clothe thyself on bidorbuy

No wonder more and more people are buying apparel, accessories, and shoes on bidorbuy. There is the attractive pricing. Unencumbered with the overheads brick-and-mortar retailers have (like the shop rental), bidorbuy sellers are able to offer their merchandise at lower prices. Then there is the convenience. With a mere click of a mouse, you can […]

Just say no

It is a glaring hypocrisy to bewail high crime rates in South Africa, and then go on smugly selling or buying illegal copies or fake items These days one can not even mention on bidorbuy a certain three-letter abbreviation relating to hair styling without being asked to produce a stack of documents with all the […]

Secure your shopper: Prevent shopping cart abandonment

Hi there all, For those of you who may not know, bidorbuy has a monthly column in the ComputerActive Magazine. Each month we prepare a piece of writing educating the community about the internet, selling items online, online shopping and general e-commerce information. I have decided to start posting my articles in our blog for […]