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Not just a pretty interface

We don’t need to blow our own trumpet, but, from time to time, we simply like to do it. This time, we have good grounds for a hearty self-pat on the shoulder. Even bidorbuyers who always dislike change love the new design of bidorbuy. And what’s not to like. The new look is slick and […]

Enhancing the trade feeds

If you already have an e-commerce web site and want to bring your merchandise to a bigger internet audience, you know what to do. You will integrate your shopping cart with bidorbuy. This involves a little work on your side, but once the trade feed is set up the products will start flowing automatically from […]

The items you have viewed

It used to be like this. Someone told you about You went there, browsed for a while, and chanced upon an item you simply had to have. That is precisely the reaction we expected. So far, so good. Having found the item you could not resist you, naturally, pressed the “buy now” or “place […]

Secure your shopper: Prevent shopping cart abandonment

Hi there all, For those of you who may not know, bidorbuy has a monthly column in the ComputerActive Magazine. Each month we prepare a piece of writing educating the community about the internet, selling items online, online shopping and general e-commerce information. I have decided to start posting my articles in our blog for […]