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Roadmap to winning an iPad

The bidorbuy Win an iPad Competition is entering its final stage. With the eleven clues we gave you so far, you are certain to land on the mystery listing. Let us re-cap. First, ignore the clue number 2. You will not need it, because it has been supplanted by the clue number 7. Take the […]

Clue ten tests your pop culture expertise

The clue number 10 in the bidorbuy Win an iPad competition has been posted on Facebook. According to Wikipedia, the little puzzle that represents the clue number 10 can refer to: One: A Shirley and Lee song Two: A Louis Jordan song Three: 1999 album by B.B. King Four: A 1966 song by The Sonics, […]

Clue nine is a fine one

And clue number nine is fine mainly because it narrows down the number of items to sift through to only 196 (give or take a few). No moaning and groaning please: 196 listings is nothing in comparison to almost 500,000 items currently listed on bidorbuy. Besides, you have the whole weekend before you! Find clue […]

Outbid the competition on the go

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had a coveted item snatched before our very nose for a few Rands only (to add insult to injury), just because some annoying prior commitment yanked us from our computer at the crucial moment. Well, you need not suffer being outbid by default ever again. Subscribe to the bidorbuy […]

The tale of two buyers

A healthy doze of caution is necessary whenever money changes hands, and buyers will do well to heed the bidorbuy Buying Safety Tips Imagine the scene. A bidorbuy buyer, happy to have won a bid, is eager to finalise the transaction. He is at his computer processing the payment. He had already entered the seller’s […]

One, two, three of phishing

(Plus, how not to take the bait) Here is one more proof that you should never, ever, enter your banking details on a web page accessed after clicking on a link included in an email message sent (ostensibly) from your bank. One of bidorbuy friends recently received an email informing her that a large amount […]