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Twenty years in the IT industry

FirstShop is your one-stop IT shop, selling an array of electronic items including printers and computers. Jarred Mann is the man behind it all and has been selling on bidorbuy since 2017. He is happy to share the secrets of his success with you!

Buying software online

Every bidorbuy user knows that the very act of registering on the site means accepting our Terms and Conditions. Every bidorbuy seller knows that he or she has accepted and must adhere to the site’s Listing Policy which, among other thing, states that it is strictly prohibited to list pirated or counterfeit goods of any […]

Awe them with amazing images

The month of May is (partially) devoted to photography on bidorbuy. In that name, let’s banish blurry, crooked, and plain bad images from the site. But how? Here are ten tips: Use a digital camera (as opposed to your cell phone camera). It does not have to be an expensive piece of equipment. An under-R1000 […]

Phishing attack posing as a warning

It is difficult to differentiate between various kinds of scum and say which one is worse than the other. Still, it is probably safe to say that the most dangerous internet scam is the one that poses as a solution. It comes in various forms. It can be a malicious code posing as anti-virus software […]

Don’t get caught by phishing

It appears that some bidorbuy members have been receiving email messages pretending to be from bidorbuy, asking them to “click here” in order to confirm or update their bidorbuy account. The link directs the recipient to a fake (or spoof) site where he is prompted to provide his bidorbuy user name and password or login […]

How to break in a new computer

So, you browsed the bidorbuy computers and networking category, carefully weighed your options, picked a machine, ordered it, and are now finally unwrapping your beautiful new piece of technology. You are probably impatient to take your new toy for a bit of web surfing. By all means, connect your machine to the internet – but […]

How to create a video

So how exactly does one go about creating a video for the bidorbuy Crazy for Cash competition? I am new to this so I set out trying to figure out all the different formats and how exactly does one go about doing it. If you want to have a crack at the R50k prize by […]