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Reading habits of bidorbuyers

Since fiction is usually associated with reading for pleasure, we take a closer look at which titles attracted buyers during the last seven days.

Christmas shopping on the rise

Read to find out which types of products are the most sought-after in the pre-Christmas shopping rush.

Hot searches on bidorbuy

We know it is winter because… the number of searches for the keyword boots surpassed the number of searches for the keyword shoes on bidorbuy. However, the most popular search terms on the site during the last 30 days have nothing to do with footwear. Nor with seasons. Actually, boots only made it to the […]

The May 2013 bidorbuy figures

Take a look at some bidorbuy vital statistics for May 2013.

Shopping, ahead of the big freeze

Pre-winter shopping trends on bidorbuy show that gas and solar powered devices are gaining in popularity.

Last week on bidorbuy

Exactly 13,633 items were sold on bidorbuy in the week beginning at three o’clock in the afternoon on 11 June and ending at half-past eight in the morning on 18 June 2009. Per category, the register looks like this: Stamps category leads with 2,401 items, followed by Jewellery & Watches (1,316), Coins & Notes (1,148) […]

Recently won and bought on bidorbuy

Exactly 12,874 items have been sold on bidorbuy during the past week. They are listed in the Recently Won & Bought section. Both sellers and buyers will find it worth their while to browse though the merchandise listed there. If you are a seller, the Recently Won & Bought tells you what others are selling […]

50k+ open items

In the past day we reached over 50,000 open items for the first time ever. And just last week we exceeded 200,000 enabled users on Another record today was we exceeded 1,300 Crazy Wednesday listings for the first time. Woo hoo! Thanks to all of you who have helped us reach this milestone.